Astronauts, Michael Kutsche (2D)


Title: Astronauts
Name: Michael Kutsche
Country: Germany
Software: Painter

This is a commissioned piece I did for “Neo York”, a collaborative art book project by New York based design studio Freestyle Collective and IdN , to be released in the next couple of months. Completely done in Corel Painter X. I truly believe that an artwork should speak for itself, it has to work even if the viewer doesn’t read an instruction manual or the biography of the artist.
Curious about your interpretations of the image!


Awesome :slight_smile: I never knew you work in Painter… Gives an extra motivation to improve my skills using that program :slight_smile:


June|07.09.3012| latley dicovered infrastructure | Neo York
Worldtime 0630 morning
Temprature: - 70 degree
Liveforms: nothing yet to mention

"…they had arived a couple of ours ago, or so.The “ISS-INFINEON” had recently caught radio activity in the outer sectors of the solar system… .

“…Long time ago humanity had to flee the old earth…since then their raged a war between several different unions, this had better be a friendly cause of action sending radiowaves that far, that we had to cope with our oldest history, otherwise me and my boys would be very disapointed.Dawn spreads and i can already feel my limbs numbing, with the winds of 250 mph + the range we could see would be less then one yard soon… we hadn’t caught up with the signal yet…I am Commander Higgs and i don’t like knowing nothing about a situation.All that’s important are facts…and so far, we had none…”

Hey There, this is what i felt/saw/imagined according this great picture :slight_smile:
I’d like to see more of this !
Cheers and Greets Herne


Hello Michael,
This is one of my favourite work of your works,
awesome piece in terms of color and composition.
The next cg choice award maybe is yours:)


Very nice and inspiring.


pfiouuuuuuuuuuuuu ! good stuff…


Good colors and details My last post


Very good work :applause:


Great stuff, Michael! Love the subtle use of colour and how the background keeps directing your eyes back to the character! Another winner!


Great work Michael!


Amazing, this picture has so much story in it. It gets my imagination cranking.


Amazing Michael :buttrock:
I’ve seen it on DA a few weeks ago. The rendering is astonish.
Another Award ? :smiley:


Nice contracts, colors and imagery.


very nice indeed. love the look of experience on his face. feels like it could use some more atmosphere to sell the cold, but it doesnt detract from the piece. thanks for being a constant source of motivation.


awesome ! :o


I like the high walls, dirty as they are. Also love the idea that they’re determined to fight for their life, fighting off the prospect of fading away…


thanks for all the kind replies and sharing your thoughts! :slight_smile:


Great work…Love the colour scheme…:wink:


Nice painting! Congrats!
I love your panting technics.


It’s always a pleasure to see your works.
Great job !