Astrobiology, Gerhard Hoeberth (3D)


Title: Astrobiology
Name: Gerhard Hoeberth
Country: Germany
Software: (Other)

After one year of just watching you I dare to post one of my creation.
I do all of my works just with the editor of POV-Ray and sometimes postwork with photoshop.

I hope you like my picture.
Texture of the planet is a photo from jupiter. The space, backgroud of the stars, is a fractal.


Hehe… that’s funny, I like it. Great sense of atmosphere! If there is something I should crit, I would work on the lighting and texturing. The textures are a bit too simple right now, and the lighting needs some hotspots for instance, something that catches your attention.

Good work :).


Thank you for your post.
I think I know what you mean with the eyecatcher-lightpoint. I’ll try to make it.
The texture is more detailed as it appears in this size. here is an datail for you :slight_smile:


But you’ve got right: nature has details in every size.
thaks for your interrest and your critik

(and excuse my english :-( )


you’re render it’s nice it’s well composed and the concept it’s not bad really. about the technical aspects, you could improve it a lot… like Chuppa said the textures could be much better, try some uv’s or if don’t want, some procedurals would make it speccially on the dirty. The water could have some enhance too. your object (sapceship?) would require some detailed work on the iron, like rust since it is half underground hand it looks like it’s been there for a while. The environment it’s cool, but is missng some reflection maps and some spot ons like Chuppa said.
Keep it up, imrpove it, show it on whip’s and later post it again, when you think it’s good enought it could become a nice picture.


hello gerhard. your fractal generated work is well done in its nature. (i dont even have a clue how to programm povray pics) but i know the potential of the renderer.
and i think you could do something about your textures.
perhaps you could try extensive use of bump maps on the terrain and objects.
the bumps are only to be seen in the very closeups. (saucer)

the design of fractals and making pics out of it is open to argument.
just my two cents are, that the human brain wants to see something familiar.
fractals are very unnatural (exept of molecual struktures or snowflakes perhaps, but even those are not always regular) so it seems to me thats its difficult to see something attracting for a human being in a fractal object.
to me it appears like what it is: a visualized mathematical formula. not attracting

on the other hand, using fractals for some kind of objectPARTS is very usual. think of reptiles skin or insect eyes or something comparable.

so my tip is to either work different fractal structures together to get irregularity or place fractal accuracy onto organic (life?)forms.

and always try to achieve a stunning real lighting! this could take your work to another level i think.

3 stars from me


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