Assign tiger skin texture to Hair & fur


hi every one, i know this is so common but after a lot of search i can’t find a single tutorial for making animal hair with texture !!

animal like cheetah and tiger, does it need to uv unwraping ??

please get me a clue or a way to implement that, thanks


if this is what you’re after then it’s quite simple

  1. I just used a plain old standard material, cellular map (but you would use a bit map like cheetah/tiger skin). Assign to your emitter.

  2. chuck on Hair, leave everything default.

  3. use MentalRay, render, that’s it.


@aref-razavi Yes, You need to unwrap it.
You have to unwrap the skin (give it fur texture (colors)) so you can assign same texture to fur and it will have same color as place (on skin) where it’s grown.