Assign material to faces


I have an object that I want to assign materials to particular faces by using an if then statement.

Something like
if material = “White” then
assign Autodesk Wall Paint/Glossy Ivory Gloss material to $.EditablePoly.SetSelection #Face #{15…16}
else if… and so on.

Even a script to assign a material to the face selection would be great.


JS_AssignMaterials.mse (2.5 KB)

Try my attached script.

Drag and drop it to your viewport to pop up the dialog.
It populates all multisub materials in your scene.
With double clicking items in the list you will assign material id’s to your face selection.

You should avoid assigning materials directly onto faces. It is easier to work with material id’s instead.

Just build up your multisub material (e.g first slot is your “White” material and the second slot is “Autodesk Wall…” material) and you’re good to go.
Also it is more flexible to change materials within a multisub material.

Cheers, JulzZ


Why is the MSE file? Did you forget to ask for money?

There is no sense or help in such answer. IMHO