Asset Photos?


I have taken lots of reference shots of a power station being ripped apart, is there anywhere on the net I can dump them for others to use?



Flickr? Always a handy resource.


Heyo Richard,

Flickr is one of the best places to drop off your personal photos mostly for free. But Milan and I are thinking of a way to have a huge deposit for everyone to use free somewhere here soon!


that would be awesome, finding good reference for matte painting always been a pain…


Dear Richard,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and your continued support of our community. David and I have been looking into compiling a list of links with good resources, as well as creating a photo pool on an online hosting platform, such as

However, that site has become a closed group and the most reasonable place seems to be Flickr at the moment. In the early days of this forum, we used to rely on this set:
but it is most likely time to launch a proper place that will function as our destination for free high res sharing.

A lot of you are skilled photographers and it’ll benefit us all to spread that knowledge.

Let’s see if we can figure out something.


Yes a matte painting resource or pool of images would be a good idea. Also with future proofing with 4k and 6k productions a lot of current texture sites are going to struggle.

I have looked into resources and funding and may launch a kickstarter project where we can share imagery.

However my web manager and I are in discussions about it still. We do need a hi res source and pool, however it needs management and at cost. Flickr is not responsive enough, CG Textures has it done at the right level. But I am looking for a way to implement a co operative site.

Been looking all week and the solution has not come to hand and the only solution is a bespoke site,



This might work :buttrock:

But it has gotten more difficult to grab images off of Flickr now :banghead:



Thanks for the resources guys!

This will work really well.

I do hope there is a (in the future perhaps) a site where we can share our images. It would be awesome if we can host Raw files. Selected ones of course and even Brushes or Shapes

Thanks again!


Ahh that’s a pretty great resource Seema!! Nice Ludo/Nick!


Thanks guys, it’s good to hear that our resource pool is getting some use! Seema, to answer your question from the previous thread, all the photos we are sharing are free to use for any commercial or non-commercial work, and we don’t ask for any credit or anything, we just want to give back to the community because we can. Also, because other flickr uses can add to our list it means that others who want to help build it up can do so.
Eric, we did want a way to be able to share RAW’s but couldn’t see anything with the functionality and ease of flickr so we sidelined it. If you know/hear of anything though, give us a heads up :slight_smile:
Anyway, enough of the shameless plug from me! Richie, your ref sounds great, its so hard to get ref like that, look forward to seeing it!

Cheers guys!


Great stuff, Nick.
Thank you.

I also have some R&D time coming up and wanted to get tech to install Clarisse, only to find out they’ve removed their evaluation option!! Only PLE available now. Can you send me a few links regarding good tutorials to quickly get into the software?

Thank you again. You guys are doing some awesome stuff. Keep it up. The community needs more Nicks and Ludos…


Hi, Nick

that reference that I shot, trying to locate at the moment I am on a new cloud computer system, I have at my office a hard drive that I should be able to access by the magic of internet. Seems there are a few bug issues before I can get those assets out so you may have to wait for a little bit :banghead:



Hey Milan. I didn’t realise Clarisse had gone to a PLE now, but as far as training material, Isotropix have some great little 5-10 min videos on their youtube page that will give you an overview of the way the Clarisse pipeline works and get your familiar with the interface and some of the basic functionality. I found that was enough to get me started and most of the rest i learned by trial and error and speaking to other users. CMI have some longer tutorials i think, but i’ve never seen them so i can’t comment on their quality. Do you know what the functionality of the PLE is compared to the full version?


We requested an evaluation copy but were told to use the PLE due to high demand. I’ve been experimenting with it since last week but am having a heard time squeezing R&D into my schedule these days.
Actually have a lot of questions but I don’t want to hijack this thread for it.


I don’t know what the PLE limitations are, and i’m also finding that our custom build at Dneg is a but different from the standard build, but if you have any questions that i might be able to help with i’d be happy to try, either shoot me a message or just open a new thread and i’ll try to keep an eye out :slight_smile: