Asset databases loading time


It takes ages for my Asset Databases to load in R2023
I have a large one, 45Gb, on my hard drive and a 25Gb database on an external drive.
I have created the index but it takes 15 minutes before I can start using C4D.
S26 is much faster by the way.


don’t know if this will help, but my experience with new C4D asset browser is not good.
I was using the legacy one on R20, with .cat4D files. the advantage of .cat4d files in the old cinema 4d is that the 3D assets are not copied in a database, it is an alias/link instead, does’ nt use much memory.
And you can always see where it is located on your hard drive.
With the new asset browser, there is always a new database being created, taking memory, and there is no link with the original asset on your hard drive, then there is redundancy and waste of space.
I blame the Maxon team developers for that, to add new features and forgetting the old useful ones…
For me when there is an update to a software, one should not loose any benefits.
Good luck with the asset browser on new cinema 4d !


You should use watchfolders if you don’t want the asset to be held within the database.


Hi, do Wacholders work the same way as former .cat4d files ? If so I shall look into it, thanks.


It is working good, thank you very much ! I was lost with the new asset browser.