Assault Suit Valken, Peter Levius (3D)


Title: Assault Suit Valken
Name: Peter Levius
Country: Czech Republic
Software: Photoshop, ZBrush

This is remake of my 7! years old mech picture made in Zbrush 1.03 :slight_smile: Lot of photoshop on top. It’s by no means pure 3D, I am sorry to submit it to 3D stills but there is no hybrid 2d/3d category yet :slight_smile:


good!!,Can you write a tutorial?


very well done, really good rework. and as already said, a tutorial about stuff like this inside of ZBrush would be fantastic of course. thanks for sharing !


beautiful work, amazing level of detail, 4 * :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot guys, Its great to find a Mecha fans that like the same things I do :slight_smile:
I will be happy to create tutorial for you. The whole process is actually really easy. Ok, I am of to creating simple tutorial. Check this thread out in 5 hours it should be here :slight_smile:


First I should say this is by no means pure 3D picture, there is at least 50% of photoshop. I am sorry to submit it to 3d stills category but there isn’t any 3d/2d hybrid category yet. I believe that it could be a good idea as many artists use hybrid techniques today.


7 Years ago I was beta testing very promising program called Zbrush (it’s great to see it’s the industry standard today). It was lot of fun. I wanted to create something cool that could showcase all the great features this program has to offer. I decided to create a rusted japanese mech as the Zbrush was great for creating lot of “real 3d” details like scratches, bullet holes, and rusted parts.

First step was to collect as much reference as possible. I am a real reference junkie :slight_smile: as you can tell by my website ( First, I downloaded hundreds of cool mech pictures from google image search. Next step was to choose the ones I like most and try to create something new and “original” based on them. I like the way Japan gained technological progress after war. The main idea was very simple, find and study the best products in the field and then try to improve on it. It obviously worked well for them in automotive, electronics and especially videogame industry :slight_smile: I am trying to use the same process I in creation of my pictures and its also big part of my life philosophy. I always collect and study lot of reference before I start. Its probably my favorite phase of picture creation :smiley:

I liked most the Valken, Armored Core and Tetra Gerbera Gundam mechs and you can find a lot of parts in my picture based on these.

PS: I have lot of pleasant memories playing Valken (Cybernator) with friends on the Super Nintendo system during my childhood.



:hmm: it seems somebody doesn’t like me. Somebody must have voted 1 star to change my rating from 4 stars to 3 in 1 vote (7 votes total). Not fair :stuck_out_tongue:

OK, back to modeling part of the tutorial. If I am lucky enough it should be finished today :slight_smile:



I used technique called KITBASHING, the idea is to take premade parts and put them together to create a unique piece of technology :slight_smile:

All the tools used here were made from Zbrush’s native “startup 3d meshes”. The process is fairly easy. For red and blue parts (I used 2 colors so its easier to read the shapes) I modified the basic Ring3D. Inflate to make it more “chunky”, SFlatten to make it sharper. Scale, Bend etc to get the final shape. Be sure to try what each modifier can do to get the feel for it.

Yellow parts are made from Cylinder3D. To get the segmented cable shape MaskAll in the Masking menu, then based on the cylinder topology enter number for “Sell” (how many polygon rows/columns should be selected) and “Skp” (how many polygon rows/columns should be skipped). I used 5 and 4 respectively. Now click on “Row” button and you will have cylinder with 4 polygon rows selected/masked and 5 skipped repeating on the whole cylinder. Now play with Inflate and Smooth in Deformate menu to get the exact shape you like. Clear the mask and bend.

Masking is a great way to create very precise technical shapes in a Zbrush. We will also use it to create “cuts” in a geometry.

All the metallic grey shapes of mech were made from Cube3D. While most were just scaled, head and parts of legs and hands were “cut out” The process is quite simple, just mask the parts you would like to cut out (use hard square alpha brush), sharpen the mask, invert and Flatten -100%. The more polygons your shape has the sharper the cut will be. To add more polygons click CTRL-d be sure to have no mask on the object before you do it. To mask by hand edit draw on the object while holding Ctrl. To erase parts hold also Alt. (You can use Alt in almost any tool to get the “inverted” result)

Try different Deformation tools and mask shapes to get wide array of interesting shapes.

Finally, convert all the created shapes to Polymesh (Make PolyMesh3D button in Tool menu) and build the final shape with help of SubTool menu. Just click Append button to add another tool and then move it to desired place with Edit and Move checked on the main toolbar. This is a great way to combine different shapes. When I first started with Zbrush this tool was’nt available so I had to convert all the shapes to 2.5D to put them together and use the markers to remember their position.

Zbrush improved A LOT from these times, not only with tools but also with documentation. To get help about any tool just hold the control and point a mouse on it. And be sure to check out fantastic tutorial videos on the site! I learned about SubTools there few minutes ago :slight_smile:

To see the videos go to choose the “Getting Started with Zbrush” in chapters choose Essentials, scroll far to the right and be sure to watch the Masking Primitives and Subtools videos to get all the details you need.


ohh yes fantastic jobbb


yes, very very well done with the tutorial. i really like the idea with the colors showing the corresponding parts in the tut. really nice illustrated and i hope to see part 3 and 4 of it soon. so i would love to see all the complete steps ! go ahead with it ! thanks to you in advance.


Thanks guys :wink: I will try hard to finish it by the end of weekend. I am currently taking Cybergirl class from Steven Stahlberg and I should finish his assignments by the end of week too :slight_smile: Wish me good luck.


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