assault rifle WIP


Ok, before I get into the rifle, a few things about me. A> I’m a n00b. B> I’ve never modeled a gun before (or even worked on an fps before). C> I know virtually nothing about guns.

I’m making the generic assault rifle for a Halo-esque fps, and I’m basically just looking for any crits anyone can give (style, realism, detail, mesh flow, etc.).

I take viewport shots because I like the show edges…

perspective (270kb)
4 view (177kb)
enlarged side (and proposed slide bolt thingy placement - 98kb)

The current poly count is at 792. I’m aiming for about 1k with accessories (possible scopes, flashlight and/or 'nade launcher). The reason for the low polycount is because of the engine it will be used on (free-source engine Crystal Space). The coders never really gave me a target, and when they do they give it in vertices (weirdos). I think I could probably get away with 1.5k, so I’m open for lots of suggestions on things I can add for realism, style, and general mesh cleaning. As a note, the last picture (side view) has a white box. That’s where I’m thinking I’ll put the slide bolt thing that you pull on after reloading to get the first bullet in the chamber (or so people tell me). It looks a bit awkward though. Any ideas there would be nice. Thanks for the help.


Nice design, looks pretty cool, and fairly convincing. One thing, though, and it’s admittedly more of a niggle than anything.

The stock. Since it doesn’t appear to be of folding or collapsible design, you may want to consider making it solid, instead of open. The only reason I say this is that open stocks tend to be relatively weak, structurally, making them less than useful in the odd time you find yourself in knife fight distance. I remember speaking to a Recon Marine who found himself inside spitting distance of an enemy combatant during the first Gulf War, and literally broke the stock of his M4 (collapsible stock) when he was forced to resort to melee. Took the guy out of the fight, granted, but the stock was subsequently useless. Alternatively, you could simply redesign the stock as a folding or collapsible design. Or you could simply say that the materials in use are extremely strong. :slight_smile:

Aside from that, you’ve got a convincing design going, and your proposed placement of the bolt handle makes sense. Looking forward to an update of this.


id say keep the open stock, and say its because of weight limitations, needed for speed and endurance of gunner. it makes it much more interesting to look at.

i dont know anything about guns either, good thing me thinks:)


This design is similiar to the OIC weapon the US Army is currently working on. Yours is a little nicer on the eyes tho. Google some scopes, and laser aiming modules and stuff so you can make customized parts for it.


I changed the stock and added the bolt thing. Poly count is higher than I’d hoped, but not really a problem.


SHEPEIRO and LoTekK: I’ve taken both your comments into account on the new stock. It’s still open, but it’s a bit beefier, so hopefully you could whack someone pretty good with it and it will be fine (but not the other person ideally :wink: )

I’m looking at references for scopes, flashlights, and other fun things that attach to rifles, so hopefully I should get to work on one or two of those later today. In the event that homework gets the best of me, however, I thought I’d post this just in case…


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