Assassin's Creed Brotherhood: Vatican Cloister, Donglu Yu (2D)


Title: Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood: Vatican Cloister
Name: Donglu Yu
Country: Canada
Software: ArtRage, Photoshop

I have been working on the concept development for the Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood production for the last months. With the release of the game, I can finally share some of the concept works with you.
Hope you enjoy the images.

Click on thumbnails to see large version.

All the copyrights belong to Ubisoft.


Lovely work. I am currently playing the game and absolutely loving it - the recreation of Rome is simply superb. Congratulations to you and all your colleagues on such an incredible amount of fantastic work.


beautiful painting Donglu :applause:


Absolutely great stuff, my friend :thumbsup: Now, give her an award…


Great work, I love the design of the environment


i will be picking the game up this week for the long thanksgiving weekend :slight_smile:
the artwork is amazing and i cant wait to get the game. thanks to you guys at ubisoft for an amazing gaming experience :slight_smile:


wow! respek! :bowdown:

this kind of art piece always made myself want to improve a lot more


Congrat!! To you for done a wonderful work! Love the work and game :slight_smile: Cheers


WOW! Absolutely stunning.


Congratulations, Donglu!

Your work is absolutely stunning! While all are impressive, I LOVE the image with the bats - it manages to be raw and extremely detailed all at the same time. WOW!


Awesome Donglu lovely painting ! :slight_smile:
Glad you’ve been able to post some your ACB work as well :buttrock:


Leigh: Thanks for the front page! :smiley: I am glad that you are loving the game. Yes, the production team worked so hard on it that it took us only less than a year to rebuild the entire city of Rome.

Intervain and Collings: Thanks guy for dropping by, we are proud of our team! :beer:

MartinNielsen, Felideus, DuttyFoot, Wongedan, victorior, Evniki, Lynda: Thanks to you all! it is really encouraging to see Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood is having such a great reception! Don’t hesitate to pick up a copy if you didn’t yet, you won’t be disappointed! :bounce:


Great work! Awesome work! You are so strong!


Really nice paintings! I’m really happy to see you used Artrage, I think it’s about time it gets some credit to creating that really real painterly look that you were able to pull off.


great work! I love Assassin’s Creed very much,and I like your design!


congrats! very well done indeed.



it’s beautifull, can feel the story in the last painting!


Awesome!Love it :applause:


WOW Good work!
I like the color!


Very good work, I very like the ambiant