Assassin : The Last Sunset




come on man, put some crushed skull around him! :buttrock:


I think the lighting you have in the scene takes the beauty away from the model…It looks better without the texturing and lighting


South africa rulez …:buttrock:

cya round.


Everything about the images is fantastic, but I can’t see the left toe-part…

maybe it’s my eyes, but is it in there? (It’s obviously on the model…


Actually, I have to agree with Skello. The sunset image/environment doesn’t do the model justice. Great model, so-so/tacky scene. And that lensflare is hurting my eyes :shrug:


:bowdown: schweet, sign me up for the wallpaper. Plans to animate? I would love to see that elbow in action.


I disagree with those saying the environment takes away from the model. IMO the only thing that matters is the end result (the image itself)- not showing off your model.

having said that I have to say there’s a lot more interesting details on the guy’s back than in the front. Maybe you can rework the model so some of it shows anyway.

ps I don’t like the head tilt - looks like a bewildered dog :smiley:


Man, wicked design there. Could you possibly post a wireframe too?


Keep up the great work.


Originally posted by Jacko Cohen
I disagree with those saying the environment takes away from the model. IMO the only thing that matters is the end result (the image itself)- not showing off your model.

The end result isn’t as good as it could be because the background isn’t up to the same standard as the main piece. That’s what I meant…


Excelent work!
I have one small issue and as jealous newb I think its my place to make people as good as you work harder :stuck_out_tongue: . The toe joints are too small, they look like they would snap off when it walks the finger joints are thicker and more heavy duty looking, and it would also help them show up in the pose you rendered (dose he even have toes in that pic??)
sorry to be that picky… love the pic really just jealous


I think the silhouette of the character needs some tweaking in terms of how the arms, for example, are posed. Having the arm
with the weapon fall directly across his body generates some form of confusion to the eye at first glance. Plus, I think the character would benefit more from a much more natural looking pose. Someone mentioned something about the irregular angle of the head…I agree with this. Maybe if it did not look like the character was looking directly at the camera, it would give him a much more mysterious prescence…it would give the impression that, eventhough it appears to be a robot of some kind, it is somehow meditating or is in some form of deep emotive thought…hehe. It just adds some drama to the piece in my opinion rather than the character looking directly at us.

As far as lighting and composition goes, the dark areas really robs the character of much needed highlights in certain sections of the body. As of now, it lacks dimensionality and seems pretty flat. By looking at the detail renders of the model, its pretty damn apparent that he/it is a really well constructed piece.
If you’re attached to the lighting and are going for a much more simple, and stylized look that almost relies on composition, I suggest tweaking the silhouette as I’ve mentioned in order to
bring out the personality and form of the character much better.

Well, hope I’m making sense.




Thanks for all the crits and comments. REALLY Appreciated.
Also, sorry for bringing this bastard to the top again, just gonna
post these wires that were asked for and then disapear again. :hmm:

Sorry this is the best way I could do it I guess…

Main Body Wires…

Arms and Legs

Also… to reply to some of the comments:

matty2x4 : Yup TOTALLY AGREE !! Kinda built that, but when I
set up the whole thing and posed him, I was like FUUU**K.
Anyway, I guess I will fix it … sometime… he he.
In the Sunset pic, his toes are like embedded in the ground,
like he just landed there, and has some weight. yeah yeah.

Jacko: Totall agree about the back details, but do you freakin do that !! I love his back, and the details and the weapons and shit, but HOW. I mean, I totally agree, I guess I’ll just have to animate him. I mean I can’t just go and show you a picture of his ass and his back now can I ?! :wink:

Anyway, I do plan to animate, I have already completed one animation test, where he lands in front of that domecile I posted in here too, but I think it’s not that great and really want to finish a piece where he F*&ks up SETH that other robot on my site, or one where he climbs on to his ‘vehicle’ and rides off. I’ll try
and find the time. Anyway, thanks again for the comments and
crits. Cheers All,


Ooops, wouldn’t let me post all those wires in one post
here are the rest…

Hands and Feet

And lastly his Head

Also, sorry Jacko, this…
Jacko: Totall agree about the back details, but do you freakin do that !!
Was meant to read…
Jacko: Totall agree about the back details, but HOW do you freakin do that !!

Cheers. Dave.



U rock!

:applause: :applause:


wow :surprised , love the pic, especially all the detailed modeling… would you happen to have any concept sketches of him…id love to see em…

great job man :slight_smile:


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