Assassin : The Last Sunset


I Finally finished my Assassin a while ago, textured him
that is. So I stuck him in this little scene, also busy with an
animation test I did. The environment of which you can check
in another post I made somewhere in here.
Anyway, here’s the pic…

Anyway That’s that. My new site is also up.
Cheers, Dave.


Beautiful composition! I love the colors and the reflections!
No Crits here:

:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

5 Stars from me!


I don’t have time to critic, I am too busy preventing my jaw from dropping again :slight_smile:

very nice job … great composition, just AWESOME!!! :applause:


no wonder we havn’t seen you around for a while! Awesome stuff Dave!



Five stars. actually 4.9 stars
About the bloom effect on his right wrist, it seems as if there is one more sun to the right of him.
I`ll be waiting for your final result.


Yes, pretty cool! :thumbsup:
I’d like to see the character more in detail too, the lighting is preventing that.


Too cool, that color is great looking.



An excellent example of when a limited color range is appropriate !!




Is it possible to get a link to a wallpaper size (1280x1024) pic.
I almost burned my oven pizza looking at this picture.
Wiros snowtrooper is getting old :wink:


id love this as a desktop also!!!

awsome work


Beautiful, cinematic piece of work, Amazing!:beer:


I don’t see how a Bulky metal machine chould be any good at assassinations, but the pic does look good. at least the seine does. :wink:


awsome background and reflections on the model

Great stuff! i love it :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the GREAT feedback. Makes it all worthwhile grin
I’ll post some links to a wallpaper sized version,
only have it in 1152x768 though,

and here are some model shots for you Joril…

Thanks Again. :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


:applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:

Wow, those elbow mechanics are really impressive. This is killer.


one word…



i have to so NICE WORK dave:thumbsup:
is this your own concept?


Stal3fish : is this your own concept?
You mean the Robot ?

Yeah it is my own design, well me and an awesome conecpt
artist here, Hennie Blaauw. Sorta cross between
predator and boba fett (I think).

Here are those wallpapers…

Wallpaper 01 : 1152x768 : Clean.

Wallpaper 01 : 1152x768 : Designs.


yeah i meant the “robot”
cool nice work


Very charm lighting and character model.