Assassin, Davewilson (3D)


Brilliant - once again, Dave!:smiley: Can’t wait for the animation.

The short that you are working on…will this be available to download from the Wickedpixels website (when it’s done)?


Thanks for all the feedback again dudes…
Some answers…

The polycount Ilmarinen is tricky to say, cause
his armour is modelled in nurbs and I up or down
the count for various shots. At it’s HIGHEST patch division
of 5 per poly, the poly count comes in at around 150 000.

Andrew, I actualy hadn’t considered it, but when I looked
at what you were saying, I saw that it would be kinda cool.
I think I’ll fix things that look crap first (freakin hands) and
then get back to cool stuff.

Werner, yeah the short will DEFINATELY be available for download. Can’t give an exact date when it will be done,
it’s a downtime project which we don’t get too much of, but
hopefully by end of March. The Assassin isn’t part of it.

Cheers All, Thanks Again.
Oh, Andrew go to 3Dartists, dude you must
check out these two models of these warrior chick things, WOW !!
Can’t remember the name of the artist. Cool Stuff though.




Absolutely amazing. I checked them out when they were first on. Its one of my regular stops :D. The creases and folds are nuts! Oh - unrelated - are you a mario fan? Got the funniest flash movie.

What are you going to do with the hands btw? Can I suggest keeping the armour off them? Unless you make them bigger (Im sure you checked out Pascal’s dude in the challenge last month. Big hands and fingers - individual armour). Your mechanics are so hot though - I think the hands may work better with them (perhaps some rubber finger-padding though). Just a thought :slight_smile:


Maybe an update? I really like this “Assassin”… it’s so cool! ^^


it is cool


Awesome mechanics as usual Dave :wink:


I really like it especially the design of the head


the model is amazing!

The only thing I can say is that it would be that much more interesting if the details mechanical elements were a slightly different texture/color. Not a whole lot different though.
Maybe a a little darker, or less shiny and smooth?
just a thought.


Thanks for the feedback !!!

Been a while since I heard from this post… there actually
is a much more updated post since this…

More updated Assassin

Actually think this would be better for the gallery, but not up to me, :slight_smile: heh heh.

Anyway, I also did a little animation test with the assassin which I will post if anyone actually wants to see :wink:

Cheers ALl, sorry if the post is a little odd, after a couple of beers and tequilla posting is tricky !!

Cheers, Dave.


Its great, please dont add textures its much cool without them. Which software did you use to render it.


great work man i love the whole look of him. i like the color
keep up the great work

ROCK ON:twisted: :buttrock:


…that’ s a ****ing killer picture…in france you say “c est de la bombe en pixel”


It’s a interesting model, and the materials you have used…


hmmm…very nice…anyways, the robot assassin’s plating looks like it’s made of ceramic…i like it…!!


That Assassin is unbelivable under the armor,compliments.


Great work !! :thumbsup:


It’s pretty good!


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