Aspirng 3D artist, moving from Architecture - Say Hi! Roast my models


Hey folks!

I’m a twenty-something Scottish guy, looking to be a hard surface modeler.

Just finished reading William Vaughan’s 3D modeling, and it suggests joining a community, so here I am!

I got my Bachelors in Architecture a few years ago but left before doing my Masters. I realised my true passion lay in 3D modeling, even though I’d never used Maya/3D etc. I picked up a program and within a few days had made my first model (Charioteer tank) on my sketchfab.

I’ve been working part-time ever since to make time for studying; I’ve been self-guiding my own study, usually just giving myself ridiculous challenges.

I’ve got quite a few unfinished models. Those I do finish, I’ve usually learned so much, that my models are a collection of “bad better good” modeling; a real patchwork.

I’m interested in getting people looking at my models so I can get some advice/ critique on what I do. Most of my models now aren’t fantastic technically, but when I progress more, the more advice and eyes analysing what I do, the better.

I’m about to start a new project, and will be focusing on poly flow, UVs, and mapping.

The work I have done are both on my CG profile, and more at sketchfab -midz13

Some links:

linkedin - mikemiddleton3d
instagram - the_midz13

Please get in touch, I’m looking for a similar artist, hard surface or otherwise, so we can help each other progress, share advice, and generally just be a community. Critiquing each others models is a great way to progress. Discord channels and the like would be ideal!

Much love,