Aspiring Writer, looking to form a team for a pitch to IMAGE


Have you ever seen a spaceship fueled by its obese driver exploding every five minutes? Or a mad scientist who needs to constantly wear a helmet to prevent all the knowledge in his head from exploding in a deadly energy burst?

Lipids “Ka-Boom” Urner and Dr. Toast are just part of a quirky over the top cast of characters the likes of which have never before graced comics, and they’re all stranded in deep space locked in an ultimate cosmic death race along a star-dust trail leading up to what is suspected to be God.

But underneath all this chaos, lie the simple emotional struggles so many of us burden, such as processing and accepting regret, being driven to the edge by ambition, looking for role models to help guide us through life, learning to love yourself, and of course on top of it all — good ole’ romance!

The characters will clash together into an epic cosmic masterpiece which could only be described as Speed Racer on a Dragon-Ball Z scale!

My name is Maxim Altman and I’m an aspiring writer, with lots of experience writing both prose and script format. Currently developing pitches with two other incredible artists, looking to find passionate and like-minded people to create with the best damn pitch publishers will ever see. Unfortunately, I cannot offer any money in advance. Our work should be built upon our passion for this art and our confidence in the story. In short, its meant to be fun, so if you think you won’t have fun with this story, I guess best not to respond.

If you’re interested hit me back at