Aspasia, adaptation (Museo Pio-Clementino), James Kaufeldt (3D)


Title: Aspasia, adaptation (Museo Pio-Clementino)
Name: James Kaufeldt
Country: Sweden
Software: BodyPaint, CINEMA 4D

Wanted to make my own version of an ancient bust of Aspasia, who was once upon a time busy doing… er… lots of stuff in ancient greece. Among other things, she was apparently married to Pericles at some point. Aspasia herself that is, not the bust…

Anyway - I found a photo of the original marble piece while browsing wikipedia a few days ago, and decided to give it ago. Unfortunately I was not quite capable of capturing the elusive beauty of the original, but I’m pretty satisfied with the final result none the less.

Technically, I roughed out a simple base mesh in C4D (around 1000 quads) and brought that into MudBox. Spent two days on and off merrily sculpting away, then extracted a 6144 x 2048 displacement map from the final 3.5 million poly sculpt, brought everything back into Cinema and painted a colour map in BodyPaint. The final lighting was a fairly simple setup with three fill omnis, one additional omni for some rim lighting, and a rather large rectangular arealight with areashadows for the key light.



Awesome work getting that chiselled and aged look mate:applause:

beauty is in the eye of course but I can confidently say that your piece has an expressive edge over the original… She seems deep in a thought



Thats a beautiful and detailed work, i dont know the original but this looks pretty covincing to me, great work on the subtle tones and imperfections on the sculpture surface,




super! looks like a photo! and that is :thumbsup:



[b]Perfect work.

Hamed katebi


Looks like it has just been cleaned after being extracted from a search site for ancient monuments…very convinsing and realistic…
Great work


hummm humm

well…nice work but i would like to how the award are distributed cause im not sure you should have one…

IT’S NOT PERSONNAL!!!.. and I am sure you are poud of you work and you should be

1 the modeling is not accurate at all
2 the face is not well propotionnal to the neck
3 the folds do not make me think of a colth at all

Hey CGsociety?? can you explain?


Good work, 3+*


This is amazing! Great work…
Phantastic modeling! 5*


almost photographic

actually I am going to go with extreemely photographic


With comments like this, you reveal more about yourself than the artwork you’re critiquing.

James, beautiful work!


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2 Have the common courtesy to read the original post that explains in great detail as to what this is and why it looks the way it does before posting in the thread.

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Dude that was so funny…you made my day:lol:

James won the award for other pieces, his sculpt is of an old… old sculptured piece which is also kinda disproportionate and umm… stone, not cloth

Thanks for the free chuckle… Misunderstandings happen… I believe an apology is in order tho:wise:


DaddyMack - oh, the king of cringe! How are you these days? Anyway, thanks for your comment(s) and all

curaremac, kbarts, irananimator, lordashraf - Thanks for posting your immediate reactions, guys

madme - I’m afraid it seems you missed something

Richit, Silverwing, deathcow, vrf - Glad y’all like it

Per-Anders - Cheers, Per - thanks for posting :slight_smile:

Anyhoooooo, I’m off to make another cup of coffee. Have a great day and everything, peeps!




I think u have done a great work of modelling and texturing.
Nice render, too…

4* from me!


Great work, but i guess that need a little adjust on the surface parameters!
Awesome facial expression on the statue!!


Very pleasant and good work for me… simply very good :thumbsup: good choice…


Nice, nice. 3++ (equals 4 silverproppar och en liten tomte i kanten).


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