Ask about text replacement issue


Hello guys,

I am trying to make a function that saves the file and shows the alarm on the bottom of the window. Everything works well except the text doesn’t work as I expected because the text shows once in the correct spot and shows on Maya interface that doesn’t go away.

def exportFBXFunction():

    #get FBX export save
    finalpath = cmds.textFieldGrp('filepath', q = True, text = True)        #query = question, text = answer or value
    #delete exist column
    if (cmds.columnLayout('messageColumn', exists = True)):    #delete column if exist
        cmds.deleteUI('messageColumn', control = True)
    if(cmds.text('message', exists = True)):
        cmds.deleteUI('message', control = True)
    messageColumn = cmds.columnLayout( adjustableColumn = True )
    message = cmds.text('message')
    #save files
    if finalpath != '' and selection = True ):
        original = cmds.getAttr('.translate')
        cmds.move( 0, 0, 0, selection = True ))
        pm.mel.FBXExport( f= finalpath )
        cmds.move( original[0][0], original[0][1], original[0][2], selection = True ))
        message = cmds.text('message', label = 'Save Completed.', align = 'center', backgroundColor = [0,0,1], edit = True)
        message = cmds.text('message', label = 'Save Failed. Please check if the mesh is selected and the filepath is correct.', align = 'center', backgroundColor = [1,0,0], edit = True)

I thought it is gonna be solved quickly and I tried a bunch of ways to solve this problem, but it hasn’t fixed yet. Is there a way that I can show the text on the window, not the outside of the window?