asian girl head WIP


hi. this is my recent practise on hair and texturing, crits are welcome. I want it more beautiful, hope for some advice


Well, two things need to be said. one is that the girl needs a dirt like texture to the face. On top of that, the girls eyes and brow line need tweaking. eyes really arent shaped like that, since they have eye lids which tuck into the back of the skull causing a little fold in the skin, Id look into some research for that. and the brow line is still there, its just the nostril column is recesed. And she has a really really short neck.


here’s the current state. I lengthen the neck and made some change about the eye lids, but I think the eye lids of asian people tuck into the back of the skull less than that of europeans and americans . Now I’m still not satisfied with it.


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