Asian Girl, Hapzunglam (3D)


nice :bounce:


Great model! I think the eyes could maybe use a bit of an environment reflection though. It would make them look a bit wetter. As Corth said, they look pretty dry right now.



you are getting better and better! its really cool to see your progress, great piece of work i really like her!


:drool: I’m new in CG Talk, but I have being watching the works for exposé 2 and I can tell you that this is a really good job.
But I see a little bit flat the eyelids. watch:


here is the wire


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that’s some of the awesomest texturing i’ve seen yet, i like the subtlety of the eyes and the porous skin around the nose but gets finer as it spreads to the cheeks, etc. damn that’s awesome! hurraH!!



:applause: Uff…I love it !!..the best human face I’ve ever seen done with XSI…congratulations !!!


You can really see the progress you have made over the years. I cudo’s to you. Very well done. Keep grinding on 3D and you’ll be in the business for a long time to come.



nice job!!!

see you later works study!!


nice model emeber it from being a wip withthe nose have to much bump looks really nice now


lower eyelashes misiing and discrepancy in the bump on the fore head very nice skin pore texture

whut kind of hair did yo use poly or somthing esle?

looks kool


meh, it’s ok, it’s hard to make a face look good from so close up.

Her skin is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too perfect and she contains no and i mean absolutely no folds…it’s like her skin is stretched


simply amazing work. Often I see emptiness in rendered 3D faces but in your image I see history and life. One of the best 3D faces I have seen thus far. Good Job


congrats friend :beer:


congrats friend :beer:


Hapzung your work is really evolving man, and you made front page!!! Congrats, and nice work man. :beer:


Great work! But… something wrong with her eyes, a little too more streak. I have sometimes similar streak, when I too much drink;) :beer: :beer:

Best regards for all 3d bros!:wink:



great work! new to cgtalk and can’t wait to see more of your work.


great work!

one question: what do you use to do the eye brows? testure?


Hello there!

you ve improve a great deal! keep it up dude!


She is cute :slight_smile: