Asian Girl, Hapzunglam (3D)


I’ll say i finish after all kinds of comments and critiques. Thx for all who gave me feed back. Right up to this point, i’ll stop working on her for awhile.

Actually at the beginning this is just a test model for my edge loops study.

Its done in XSI, texture in photoshop. By the way, tell me if the image doesn’t load.


really cute!

everything looks nice
but eyes are looking not really naturally

good work anyway :slight_smile:


Very nice job!,
Yeah, maybe the textures in the eye…

Good modeling and textures!


Ahhh, I’m falling in love!:love:

That has to be one of the best asain faces Iv seen. The hair doesn’t to the face justice. I would paint it in if i were u.


Damn thats wack, almost looks like a good friend of mine.

Nice job on that!


:applause: :buttrock: that is some wicked work there :thumbsup:

Only one problem i think her left eye is a little bit to bloodshot. If it wasnt so bloodshot it would look so much better (if it could be any better :wink: )


I’m not too sure I like the bump on the eyes, it makes it look like there’s no moisture on them. Other than that, it’s a really nice model :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: good…the skin looks good…but I think you can try another material or texture about her eyes…to improve it…
maybe can make her looks better…:thumbsup:


i think its unanimous(sp?): “great model, fix the eyes!” :slight_smile:

i think you may have gone a bit overboard on the detail in the eyes. the blood vessels look too pronounced and too long, and the bump-mapping on the inside corner of her left (our right) eye is a bit extreme. for a picture this realistic (and beautiful!!), there’s a point where you have to stop reaching for realism, and make a break for artistic license.

the only other thing i can possibly find thats not stunning, is the hair roots. they look like a doll’s hair stapled into the plastic scalp. i have absolutely no idea what you could do to bypass that (maybe just blurring it in post??), though… maybe its the hair strands not casting any shadows…


i’ve temperaly blur the veins of the eyeball. and I’ve lower the bump value on my scene file.

For the hair… well, there has shadows. The concern from darkefire it is because i should thiner the hair alot more and add alot more strands to it. But I don’t know how long will it take for render. It is because this image took me more than 30 hours to render.


30 hours!!! whoa…thats a long ass time…anywho the model is beautiful. I think the eyes are fine (though probaly edited before i could tell) and the hiar is fine I think. Simply Beautiful


A wire??

Un saludo.


Congrats on front page. I remember this project from WIP. You made some subtle changes but it makes a big difference. Good job. :beer:


Cool model and great textures man!
Also like her hair too!

:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Extremely cool :love:
Saving for reference :wink:
More angles plz…

Crits –
Tear glands and lower eyelashes are missing.
May be they are there, but not noticable.
A denser eyebrow will do…
I’m not sure … but ears should be visible, if you modelled it.

:applause: :thumbsup:


goody goody goody! :bowdown:


Looks nice as a finished image, but the eyes do look unatural, and the hair lin looks odd, I think as the hear looks attached in thick bunches rather than a fine even spread of hair like a real person.



I think she has alot of veins in her eyes but otherwise thats great dude.

You’ve got alot of talent man good job.



Nice model and texture…:thumbsup:


great, you have arrived that the girl look natural.