Ashley - Zombie Fighter


Hi all…

This is a character I have been working on in my spare time. She is the main character from an animation that I will be starting soon. I am also busy with props and some of the environment.

The animation will consist of short 1-3 minute episodes. She will basically be up against some nasty zombies and mutations. I am aiming for a similar atmosphere to the Silent Hill games, and new Gamecube Resident Evil titles.

She weighs in at 8811 polys at the moment, and is using 1 1024x1024 tga and 1 1024x512 tga. I will possibly use a simple spec map as well.

I am aiming at poly counts similar to next gen games like Half Life 2. My target counts are 6000-8000+ polys for main characters, and 2500-5500+ for secondary characters. Before I re-rig her I will possibly try and optimise her a bit. As there is a bit of wastage in the front area of the torso, and some other minor areas.

At the moment she is rigged with Biped, but I will be re-rigging her at a later stage using CAT. I will also have to set up several sets of bones for facial animation.

PS: the name is a work in progress…


welcome to the next generation!

Great character, her face is very cute…damn, the whole thing looks tight!

On the left pic though, the profile of her shoulder takes a jagged turn. Is it still possible to round it out a bit? And on the texturing side, her shoulder blades probably shouldn’t show so much through her bandeau. It’s a thick material, seems like it should retain its shape a bit more.

Kickass work.


Not only is this technically great, it’s also aesthetically lovely too something not often combined. The jeans look phenomenal.

Snowfly is right about the shoulder blades, also smooth out the shoulders/upper arms region. It’s really nice to see you didn’t go OTT with the abs/breasts like allot of stuff out there. Hands look particularly well done.

Oh, and the mandatory, “can we see a wire?”


Thanks all…

I’ll take alook at the shoulders… :slight_smile:

I agree, I wanted to avoid the big bouncing breast syndrome SuperCat… can get a bit predictable…

Will post wires and textures plus some other stuff soon.


Okay here’s the wires…

She is basically done, with the exception of having to be re-rigged. I will however, like I mentioned, optimise the mesh a bit still. There is a bit of wastage in the front area of the torso, and the groin area. So I’ll hopefully sort that out soon.

Any other suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Excellent stuff!
Other than the points picked up before, the only faults i can see (and this is being REALLY picky) is that the feet are a teeeeny bit small, and there isnt much to suggest the jeans are a different material - maybe increase the size of top rim so that they are not flush with her chest/ back.
Love the texturing - the jeans texture and the skin (particulary on the shoulder blades) is perfect. Would it be too cheeky to ask for a pic of your unwrapped maps? Watermark them if you are paranoid about theft.
Nice character design - not too ‘blonde, big titted bimbo-y’
Kinda reminds me of heather from SH3 - a normal kinda gal.
Looking forward to the rest of the stuff on your short! I needs ta see moooore!


Agree with all - minor technical issues but great execution, especially on the face and shoes. If it was me, and I had to fight some zombies, I’d probably at least wear a shirt (maybe even a jacket), but that’s just me! Really top-notch execution though!


In one word: excellent!

Very nice idea and perfect recreation of it.
Smooth body mesh and clear and fiting skin.
Its a little bit on the higher polycount area, but a ut2k3 engine should be able to handle it.

I definitely wanna see more of this!!!
great work


Outstanding front-page worthy model. Gotta get more game art plugged for the front page.

She’s got a kind of Cameron Diaz look going… only she’s much hotter than Diaz.

And you get bonus points from me, for being Zombie related.


Hot chick…i hope you have a nice story explaining why she’s fighting zombies wearing them sexy clothes…


That’s looking pretty cool. Besides the coplanar edges along the torso you could erase a bunch in the front of the pelvis and the back of the shoulders. There are a ton of edges there that aren’t doing anything. There are some sharp corners on the shoulders that could use some smoothing as well. Nice work.


Excellent stuff, though I think some serious mesh optimising could be in order. The polycount seems really high. Most wasted polies are in the shoulderblades and chest and stomach area. Compared to the pants these areas are way too dense.

If it’s for your portfolio, you might wanna label it a fighting game character due to the polycount.
For most other games its a bit too high poly for the current generation of hardware. Perhaps you could consider doing a lower poly version, just to cover all bases.

The texture is really great, only the area between her buttocks might be a tad too dark.

Nice model and texture though.


Fantastic work!


  • BoBo


i would make her thong a little more obvious, if you dont look are it looks like she is wearing granny panties


i would make her thong a little more obvious, if you dont look are it looks like she is wearing granny panties

I vote as well for a more pronounced thong:)

Beautiful work


Very nice skin texturing, I especially like the hands.

I think you could optimize the mesh a bit, as well, I think the studs on the belt are a bit excessive and could easily be achieved with texture.



Very good work!!!


Good work! But her nose could get some attention… unless you intended it to look broken ofcourse.


man the pants textures are super well done. alround great model!

is the pant textures just real world pants with a little paint over -or did you do it from scratch? either way super nice.


Sorry to say but her face looks man kind… You must work on it…

Nice textures and model optymalization.