Here is a pic I did the other day…I drew it from the pic that is My avatar of Ash from Army of Darkness…I know it does not look exactly like him but that’s okay with me. I just got a tablet last week and have started to use Painter Classic, so i am teaching myself how to use it and working my way up to making better pics…I still wanna work on the shadow under his neck…I don’t like how it stops at his shirt like that…what do you people think?


Oh and I know his forehead is off as well…gonna fix that.


Yes. When the final version?



I had actually kind of forgot about that drawing. Got side tracked I guess. I did a little more with it today…will probably do some more with it later…not sure if I like the background yet though. Also this is not going to be in color, it’s going to be Black and white. I fixed the forehead a bit.

Edit: I just realized that the pic in my first post looks exactly like the one I just posted…thats cause when I saved the pic with the new work on it I saved it under the same name as well as uploaded the new image onto my webpage and that ended up taking the place of the original one I did. So…yeah…next time when I save i will save it under a new name.


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