as of 1345 central time US, I cannot call Maxon US sales/tech support


I have tried calling Maxon US sales and tech support and neither call goes through. I called my cell provider and he tried over a land line and had same issue. it is a problem with their provider unless they didn’t pay the bill :rolleyes:


Telecom problems happen, particularly w/the proliferation of MMOs. I don’t see it reflecting on Maxon.


Hi UncleBob,

Sorry you had trouble getting in touch. We’re in the process of changing over to a new phone system, and unfortunately it’s not been as smooth as we expected. All of our main numbers (805-376-3333, 877-226-4628 and 805-716-1313) should work, but they’re currently being forwarded and for some reason it takes some time to connect that sounds like dead air with no rings.

If you continue to have issues, drop us an email or submit a case via the website - we’ll be happy to call you back if you’d rather discuss the issue via phone.

We’re working with our telecom and IT provider and hoping the situation will be resolved soon, though we’re told this process could continue for a couple of weeks. Again, sorry for the hassle.


thanks Rick,

Yeah, y’all are having issues with incoming calls. Tech support called me and resolved my issue.

thanks again,