Arx Avari


Hey everyone!

Here is the new update. “Making of Arx Avari” Hope you guys enjoy it!

      [b][Passion Republic]([/b] is glad to present one of our In-house project [b]["Arx Avari".]([/b]
      It is an Animated Action sequence designed to raise the bar of our skill and
     production discipline, we have 13 team mates working on it on and off,it is a fun 
     and challenging process. We hope you guys will enjoy the clip! Critics and
     comments are always welcome. Thanks!
    Movie link          = []( site                                 = [](
 Compressed clip  = [](


Cheers Guys! Do give us your comments and critics!


Hey, it looks really cool, from what I have watched, however the animation is taking ages to download. Do you have another way of putting the movie up, perhaps Vimeo?


Wow, awesome! Nice animation, and I love the textures! =]


Nice nice…Finally its up. Proud to be part of this project. Congratz and all the best!



the smaller version will be upload asap stay tune with it ^^ thanks for your patient


very cool
most of the animation are cool , im very enjoy on it.

  for the monster i will prefer the expression more extreme to show the contrast between the worrior and monster.
  may be the mouth should open bigger when screaming? hahaha
  btw, this is good work !    5 stars ~ :thumbsup:


oh hey that was really nice! you might want to upload it on youtube/vimeo or something since downloading it took forever…faster way to get in views too. :slight_smile:

i liked the scythe sequences, really nice! the charge with the sudden bullet time was kinda weak but overall i liked it! congrats! :thumbsup:


Thanks Guys for the comment.

I have uploaded a Mov to the vimeo. hope this will have a
faster loading speed.

Faster loading link=

By the way if you guys like to see the concept development of
this project ,can always drop by our web page :slight_smile:

Aik Sern


well done! hmmmm…Passion Republic i will remember that, looking forward your post!


Thanks guys for the comments

have posted a new link for faster loading in Vimeo .
However if you are interested to look at the concept art relate to this project or
downloading the hi-res version pls visit our web site. Thanks!


Well done, Aik Sern! It was indeed a good trailer. Love the designs, light and rendering as well as the animation. My comment would be in 00:26 - 00:27, I don’t think it is necessarily to have 2 camera shots on one character within a split second, it confuses me(the shot from below and then it cuts and pulls in out of sudden). Also, those cracks on the pillars and walls looks a bit unatural. The blade on the sword can be better, maybe enchance the rust slightly. And, would it be better to include the scabbard? Hope these comments helps and again, this is a really good work! Forgot to mention about how I like the villian to disperse when it faces deadly situation! :bounce:


Thanks Julian for the constructive suggestion , its an team effort and i believe the team have
done a good job. I do agree with the improvement that could be made on the sword and crack effects. And we will take note and hope to create a more convincing result in the up coming projects.


Your the master, I am only a slave. What can I say about my master work^^


Well Done, everything looks great. The only thing I would suggest is expression on the eyes area of both characters can be enhanced. I would say if the acting on the eyes movement, winking, etc are given more depth, especially on the fighting part, the feel would be more intensifying.



great stuff mate,impressive works and congrates to you and the team whos involved in this.would definitely drop by and visit your studio someday.:buttrock:


THANKS jin wei for the comment , and its great that you
brought out the suggestion of giving the character more
depth on the expression. appreciate that!


My master Aiksern, finally PassionRepublic done it.CONGTRAZ!!
Luv the impact of the animation~! Background & overall rendering is awesome too,
my mind keep thinking wanna see more ab “fighting with the big monster”!

more…more…mooooore ! XD


Thanks Hoe Yi" LOL, if we have more time, we wish
we can elaborate more on the gaint monster :slight_smile: and
Hope we will have a chance to collaborate in the
future ya!


First I must say all the cg is just top notch, very well done guys! Congratulations!
But if you ever think you might re-render this animation in the future, think about calming down the camera movements. Just because you CAN move a camera in a way that no physical camera or person’s eyes could match doesn’t mean that you should do it all the time. Once or twice in a scene like this perhaps, but not all the way through. Study older movies, don’t just study movies from the last decade - and especially don’t follow the example of game cut scenes. Even if you’re all looking for jobs in the game industry… I would suggest that you would stand out as better than the rest if you managed to use the camera better than they do. Which shouldn’t be hard. :slight_smile:

Also it’s probably best to not use the slow-mo trick more than once per scene. If you ask me don’t ever use it more than once per movie even.


Great jobs guys, I really enjoyed the vid. The camera movements were little distracting but other than that its a sold project grats to you guys.