Hi all!

Kind of late to the party! Let’s see how it goes.
So far I’ve spend 2 hours (yesterday) researching and sketching.

Thumbs are a mess, but they hold my ideas. I’m going with number 2 and 4 perhaps 6. Next step, gonna clear thumbs or do quick bash on top of them.

Have a question about deadline. Correct me if I’m wrong but deadline is on 15th of December in PST timezone, right? That means that we should submit our works before midnight of 14th?

Anyhoo, good luck to you all!


Moving slightly forward.
Refined one thumb and then bashed photos on top. Then went into Blender to whip up environment.
Turned out displaced mesh was too heavy and Blender was crashing all the time. Took me 2 hours to move on, but finally I did settle with simple geo.

Adding Toggl screengrab, just for fun.



Two quick tests of environment with simple texture. Done using Cycles (Blender).
For some reason can’t get RPR to work. ;/


Higher res shot with simple atmosphere and some post. Now onto most important thing, the kitbash part.


This is how my life looks now:

Recorded with Nvidia thingy. When video ends, Blender crashed, thus recording process ended.


So, Blender keeps crashing all the time. Maybe that’s poly count or maybe something else.

It’s impossible to do a single thing. Week ago I’ve updated my rig, installed everything from scratch… and… well maybe it’s related or not but I think this mean I’m out.

I will try to get a single render but at this point I can’t even properly frame the scene.


Somehow, I’ve managed to squeeze render out of Blender. It’s only half res, but better than nothing.
There is one tangent I would like to fix (FG tower) and I would love to spend more time designing keep and surrounding city.

For a thumbnail it looks good OK.


I think my gpu is gonna die. Ordered new one. I will complete this painting one way or another :smiley: