Artur Valverde - Concept Sketches and Studies


Stage 2

This is where you need to research and go to work.

Please choose 1 film 1 photographer 1 artist and collect at least 20 images.
It would be awesome if you did this by watching the film or participating rather
than google because google will do alot of the work for you. The idea is to see
how good you are at spotting great shots then breaking them down finding as
many design rules as you can. This is just a simple exercise to increase our
Composition IQ and build instinct

Once you have your sheet together its up to you to find as many tools being used
as you can in a single shot

Below I attached the ref sheet that I will work on this week alongside everyone and
if everyone wants we can jump on a group session and do some crits and discuss
small victories and post


Cool, be interesting to see where this is headed!


Thank you Alice! Sometimes I feel like I’m overthinking stuff too much.

Here’s more WIPs.
Ignore the line weight, everything is still chaotic. Trying to figure out what shapes works better.


Oh man! No idea how I missed that one! Anyway I’m gonna read it twice now. Thanks!

Edit: Awesome! I’m bit late but will try to catch up if possible. I will take a break tomorrow and focus on analysis. Cheers!




These are amazing breakdowns!!


Cheers man! Now the harder part is to use in your own stuff hehehe.

EDIT: Small update. I’m bogged down by client work atm, but should resume regular sketching soon.


Quick update. Modeling some base.


Small update. 50% there. On the crossroads about story.
I guess it’s time for quick photo bash and sketches.


Loving this, what render package are you using?
What software are you using and how are you creating the texture files?


Hey Ryan! Thanks for your love!
It’s actually Cycles render inside Blender.
As for the textures, well I mash staff together but that explanation is not actually helpful.
I will try to capture some nodes for you if you wish but in general I do use good quality textures, preferably tillable but since it’s a concept and not production piece, you can pay less attention to that.
Decent normal map and roughness will take it a long way. Some surface imperfections, masks etc. HDRi for lighting is a must I think. So nothing special really.

These days you can get free resources that will suffice for most concept work. or

Forgive me if you already know this all already.


Pretty cool! Coming along well!


Nice work here Artur. I’ll be definitely following your progress and I’m looking forward to seeing which 3D comps you push further.


Thanks a lot Michael!

Uploading newest iterations.
The Lady with the Dove have to go, because she is stealing all the attention :slight_smile:


3 pages already :wink:


Yeah, but still long way ahead.

Figuring out shapes for shacks. I definetely need more variety of proportions and size:

Also blocking out POI in 3D:


forgot to add this one. Added a makeshift boat with a ferryman. Perhaps this will be player’s entry point to this location.
Just have to add another character on the boat.


Hey all! Had a long break, but it’s time to come back into the game.

Latest stuff.

and some sketches from Paul Chadeisson’s class:



One sketch is done. Now into color!