Artur Valverde - Concept Sketches and Studies


Hello everyone!

Always wanted to have a digital sketchbook!
Feel free to comment and critique on anything you feel might be improved. After all we are here to learn and grow together.




I like the graphical read of the thumbnails!


Thanks Adrian. I have a problem with over detailing and over working things, so those simple B&W sketches help me a lot.

Speaking of which, another batch.


This is looking like a nice sketchbook! Following this one. Cheers


Thanks a lot man! Cheers!

New stuff.


Really loving the b/w thumbs! Keep it up :slight_smile:


@alksndr Cheers man!

Final thumbs. Now it’s time to take them bit further.


I really like these man, Inspiring! Going through the new learn squared course, I Should do a bunch as well!


Cheers man! I think sketching, in any form, loose or detailed, is vital for quickly fleshing ideas out.
I spent sometimes days trying to design single prop in 3D, while I should be drawing on top of it or sketching. Could save so much time.


Yeah man I completely agree. I’m a big fan on sketching but recently I’ve had to work on my rendering / polishing skills because they were lacking.


@AdrianBirkeland Same problem here. For now I’m focusing on communicating ideas clearly with sketching, will see what comes next though.

Meanwhile, WIP Emperor’s Palace and landing party. Didn’t decide are they friends or foes.


The composition on those black + white thumbs are all great. I really need to do some myself.


I’m working on some detailed feedback for this one I know you work hard and have noticed your post so Im going to try and help and give you an assignment;)


That would be awesome!
I’m little under the weather, so I’ve slowed down a bit. Getting my strength back.

Anyway, looking forward to critique and assignment. Oh, and if I may ask you, be brutal about it. :smiley:

P.S. Preliminary sketches for new project I’m working on.


I love that you pay attention to the little details such as columns and architect details. So often, futuristic architecture just doesn’t make sense, or doesn’t feel like its grown organically in a civilization. Keep it up, the devil is always in the details :wink:


Ok though not as direct as giving you a crit on existing work I wanted to throw something together quickly at lunch to see if you and maybe others are game!

The idea is to get everyone starting around the same place here in the forum.
The first thing is just to refresh and remember some of the tools used in composition to build strong images
I have about 50 rules but not enough time to get into all of them. Lets start with the first 15, 20 everyone
is familiar with and over the next few months get more sophisticated.

This Month lets talk and focus on Analysis. It’s Important that you don’t cheat yourself and follow the steps.
This is all basic stuff we all know but this will help me help you better than just a blind crit.

There are 2 stages to this homework

Stage 1

I would like you to think of one of your favorite shots from a film, photographer or artist that
has stuck with you for several years.

Then sketch it out quickly from memory if possible. If you need to throw up an image and sketch over.
The Idea here is not about draftsmanship or how well its painted. I want you to figure out what is going
on that makes that image appeal and if there is a way to rip off that artist in your own way by
understanding the methods or repetition in their approach to picture making

This shot is from lawrence of arabia. These old films with little budget or set were amazing at composition and the first time i checked this shot out i was blown away by how a guy on a camel and a rock connected by a cast shadow could compose one of the strongest images with little to no budget or set needed. There are a lot of things going on throughout this film especially when it comes rule of odds and 123 scale diversity and repetition. Lawrence of Arabia, Planet of the apes< one upon a time in the west, to me are like classes on how to do ten times more with 100 times less and help show how little you need if planned out to create a successful image reminding me of harvey dunns comment of : When you add interest to an image you Remove interest from it!

Once completed without research break down the image to the simple fundamental rules you are familiar with. Don’t cheat and look them up before hand… just get the image in your head sketch it out and break it down.

Once you complete stage 1 move on to stage 2 for next week


Stage 2

This is where you need to research and go to work.

Please choose 1 film 1 photographer 1 artist and collect at least 20 images.
It would be awesome if you did this by watching the film or participating rather
than google because google will do alot of the work for you. The idea is to see
how good you are at spotting great shots then breaking them down finding as
many design rules as you can. This is just a simple exercise to increase our
Composition IQ and build instinct

Once you have your sheet together its up to you to find as many tools being used
as you can in a single shot

Below I attached the ref sheet that I will work on this week alongside everyone and
if everyone wants we can jump on a group session and do some crits and discuss
small victories and post


Cool, be interesting to see where this is headed!


Thank you Alice! Sometimes I feel like I’m overthinking stuff too much.

Here’s more WIPs.
Ignore the line weight, everything is still chaotic. Trying to figure out what shapes works better.