artrage, a tiny paint app with a pencil for sketching :smiley:

It has a trace by hand feature, though no decent saving other than jpeg and bmp.

This is really a tiny paint app, like a toy to most of you, but if you have kids maybe they will like it some :slight_smile:


It’s fun to play with, for sure. It misses 2 things, well one, but second is directly connected: resolutions higher than screen res, and that leads to zoom feature. And yes, I have read the FAQ :slight_smile:


I think that what I really like about this little app is that it presents the ultimate digital drawing challenge to me each time I open it.

Like it is so simple to use, and so simple in tools, yet I just know each time I open it, that if I am not able to create something cool with it then I still need to practice my drawing skills, because this app really doesn’t have any tools which will help me in that area, such as straight lines, or vector shapes or any of those things, rather just pick up the pencil, right click and it’s me and the canvas.

I open it everyday, sometimes several times a day, and brother, I still need to practice :scream:


I am really enjoying this little app. Great for getting ideas down quickly (and more lightweight than painter). Some neat tools in there too. Feels nice :slight_smile:

Nice find, iglow.


id say the largest thing missing in the app is a way to pick colours ( using something like an eye dropper. ).

then theres the no way to pan an image. so having the ability to pan would be very nice ( lets say that your canvas is HUGE… but your screen resolution is only 1280x1024. ). id rather have pan than zoom. but having both would be nice :slight_smile: so you could check your overall composition.


Thanks for the heads up - I’m loving this little app! Soooo much fun…


If you are interested, I started a Thread about Artrage, for people to share their pics and comments on this software at Sijun. You can find it here:


And v1.1 is available for download now, with a color picker, as well as support for larger canvases (no longer locked to your screen resolution), along with the ability to zoom and pan.

Oh, and it finally works properly with a dual-monitor setup (no more completely-misaligned cursor/brushtips). :slight_smile:


I’ve been using this for a while and I really love it for just doodling. Glad they added the color picker, it was the one thing i really wanted them to put in.


that’s great news about the colour picker it’s been bugging me for ages :thumbsup:


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