Artists needed to help finish up cute little game


I’ve been working on a game for a year now to get experience and with the hope that it will impress some studio and win me an internship. The code ought to be complete in 2 or 3 weeks (seriously) but I want everything complete by August and I’m too anal an artist to finish it myself that soon. If you can model, texture, or animate then I’d love to have you as a teammate. I will not disappear, you’ll get to see your stuff heavily represented in a game quite immediately, and we’ll get a game under our belts by the end of the summer.

The Game:
The game is named Clockwork. The game is simple 2-player action/puzzle-logic similar in gameplay to Bomberman. Anyone I show it to picks up the beat in a few seconds and (providing you have someone to play with) it’s a very fun little game. The look&feel will be hyperactive, fun, dancy, cute, with lots of clockwork mechanics, cogs, gears, and spinning. The soundtrack will be this neat dancy Aphex Twin song and if that doesn’t get your goat I don’t know what will.

You can download the latest build of the game here. Like I said, it’s not complete codewise but it will be in about 2 weeks. All art (besides the one playable character) is temporory and ass-ugly if you ask me. Things such as the title-screen were just thrown together in maya so I could see if they actually worked in the game. If you want to get a feel for the gameplay mechanics you can download this simple playable demo I made 2 years ago.

A screenshot showing two characters on the board, the one on the right is just avoiding being hit by the red comet that shot from the gray turret:

The characters are cute little wind-up beetle disconnected-limb things. This shows the one character who’s completely modelled and textured, from the front and the back, in two different skins:

Animation of that same character(rendered in maya) going from standing, to a run, to a stop. This is an old video so ignore the goggles on his head and his black&whiteness.

sketches of some characters (the boy is the one shown above, the flying girl is modelled but not textured or animated yet)

As mentioned previously, this will be the soundtrack and the game ought to feel the way this sounds.

I am a 22 year old senior undergraduate in computer science, minoring in animation, and aiming to get into game development industry. I’m an ok artist and a good animator and you can check out my website but keep in mind I haven’t updated Clockwork’s information in two months. I’m putting 6 or more hours a day into this and am very serious about finishing it as soon as possible.

Artwork in Clockwork:
Clockwork runs in DirectX and utilizes Microsoft’s .x 3D file format. It is extremely easy to tweak the game yourself because nearly all gameplay settings and artwork are set in easily edited and thoroughly commented text files. I’m using Maya myself but other programs can export to .x quite easily. If you can’t animate that’s ok. I’m looking mostly for help with concept art, modelling, and texturing for environmental elements which could really be anything, seriously. You could make a garden level where the walls are dancing flowers. You could make monkeys shoot out of very fat men rather than comets shoot from turrets. Imagination is awesome.

Sorry if this is lengthy, I just want to show that I am not half-assed, this will be completed by august, and I’m simply looking for like-minded people who might like a nice project like this under their belts to enjoy and show off. Clockwork will most likely be released open source but if you’re willing to make a contribution and that bothers you then we’ll just keep it freeware. If you’re interested in being on the team post a link to some of your work or mail it to me:
mjg7258 [.AT.] rit [.D0T.] edu

This game is for fun and experience and the hope is to finish it before August. Hope to hear from you


I’d like to help, but I won’t be able to show you anything for a few days at most because my computer’s in the shop. Sounds pretty cool though and I’d like to do some concept stuff for the levels or environments… One question, though… Should these levels be big, or about the size of a grid that would be used for modeling or something?


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