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Hi… I havent looked around much here but I plan to. Ive been interested in becoming a 3d animator for awhile but I havent done much work… Im now looking into going to school for it.

I just wanted a better idea of what kind of artist you have to be to be able to survive in the industry.

If I were to become a 3d animator the first thing that comes to mind is trying to find a new style with the medium. I have a sense of what I want my art to look like but is this something that would get in the way of enjoying the work Ill be doing? I just get the feeling that the animators job is to make something look as life like as possible, and that there is another artist that gets to choose the style/feel of the project.

I guess what Im saying is that I want the freedom to be both when I choose. Im the type of artist that appreciates a lot of “weird” art that doesnt try to imitate reality as much as possible. And Im just worried that Ill be forced to be something Im not… although I can tolerate it at a point if it means Ill have the skills to do my own projects.

idk am I rambling? :stuck_out_tongue:


if you are doing visual effects an animators job can be to make it look a life like as possible… but there are plenty of animation jobs that is more about sylisation and giving the animation life, but not realism (though cgtalk has a leaning toward realism)… animation is not traditionally a realistic medium, on the whole… but there is a spectrum… realism is at one end… so it depends on what kind of thing interests you… if you don’t like realism so much theres plenty of jobs out there that are more about stylisation…

      though in terms of thinking making a 'new' style..  maybe its possible..     but remember most stylisation is based on firm knowledge of rules, which has a bases in reality..    so the first thing you would need to do is get a solid understanding of the aniamtion principles.. and then use them to make something entertaining..   
      take this as an example..
      it is very stylised, but has demonstrates exeptional understanding of principles.. and then plays with them and uses them to amazing effect.
   true, you got stuff like south park that seems to throw the rule book out of the window.. you do get things that take a fresh angle..   your not always tied to a lot of prinicples.. 
      but yeah.. go for it..  i just wouldnt be thinking too much about making new styles at this stage, though it is important that people do look at things from a fresh angle..  but if you are looking to make a career of it.. look to learn the principles first.. worry about styles later.... ..  but no, your not tied to realism..


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