Artist looking for hobbyist project to build resume


Hi all.
I’m looking for a project and/or team to join where I can be of help.
Some info about me and what I do goes below. Thanks!

My full portfolio: (concept art, graphics and 3d modeling and texturing)

Who I am:
Miguel Nogueira, based in Portugal (GMT Timezone +0, same as London)
Age: 27; just graduated from art+design college

For years I’ve joined and made my own projects, from modding game engines, importing assets, texturing, some of it you’ll see on the link above to my portfolio.
I’ve done work and level design on CryEngine, made a survival game in Unity with my college friends, joined competitions…
I’m looking to be of help to mod teams or groups that have a great project in hands but are shorthanded of people.
As far as availability, I have other (paid) projects running, but they are not too many and I have decided I can’t have dead times in my schedule, I rather collaborate, work, inspire and be inspired within a group than dicking around the house with nothing to do, even if for a couple of hours.


Hello there!

I am very excited to see someone so passionate in computer art. There is a project I am currently working on, in which I would want some help with. It is a 2D action-adventure game for PC based on a true love story. It is in very early stages, and probably there will not be anything ready in the next couple of years. But I am determined to complete it, no matter what. When it will be done, I am going to put it up on Steam, and if it goes well, I may think of porting it into Android. As for me, I have been programming for over a year now, and I am pretty comfortable using 4 languages, knowing how to use another 2. If you are interested to learn more and willing to spend an hour a day to help me out, feel free to send me an e-mail at and I will send you an invite for the project’s slack page!

Thanks for considering,
Stam Kaly