Artificial Insemination, Don Hanley (3D)


Title: Artificial Insemination
Name: Don Hanley
Country: USA
Software: CINEMA 4D

Think “The Matrix” meets “Fantastic Voyage” :wink: Hopefully medical science will never get this far…

Everything here was modeled textured and rendered in Cinema 4D XL 9.1. Each “sperm” is a C4D capsule with a few extrusions, and the tail is a simple helix curve in a Sweep NURBS. The pink female (Y chromosome) capsule is slightly longer (although that’s a bit hard to tell at this angle), as is the case in real life.

The wall of the Fallopian tube is a bent half-cylinder with a displacement map and a Voronoi noise texture to simulate cell tissue. A particle emitter provided a stream of small luminous particles to give the sense of passing through fluid.

The background light is provided by a dim 50-point light sphere, while a large spot provides the main light from underneath. The sperm spotlights have a volumetric noise applied, but they also illuminate; you can see their reflections on some of the capsules.

There are only 2 sperm models in this image (one male and one female); the rest are instanced duplications. Each is rotated randomly around the Z-axis; the female tails twist in the opposite direction as well, just for different.

One wag in another forum called this the “Sperminator”; I wish I’d thought of it first :wink:


wow love the idea, and the render simple and to the point, yeh lets hope science never gets this far then woman wont need us


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