artefacts in the absolute whites areas


Hello, I need to work on a shot which was given to me and the shot has some absolute whites, if I import the shot in nuke it gives me weird artefacts in the whites, where when I open it in quicktime I can’t see them, even if I open it in after effects those artefacts don’t show up, but when I import it into nuke this is what I get in the image below (those colored dots in the whites of the lights), is there any way to solve this? thank you!

  1. Its a bad idea to import quicktimes into nuke. Specially when the project is opened in windows… Try using Aftereffects or premiere to export an image sequence and import that (TGA is ok, DPX is better)

  2. Try adding a clamp node.


What codec are you using and which version of Nuke?

We recently did a major overhaul of our quicktime handling in Nuke 8.0v1 so most color/gamma shifting should go away with this version. We have only had time to test the most popular codecs so you may need to pick a different output from the list of matrix/pixel formats in the options. If you are having a codec issue in 8.0v1 then please send in an example to so they can get it fixed right away.


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