Art Ventura , Cheong Hoe Yi (3D)


Really beautiful painting!


Wow. Dumbfounded. Because I’ve check my timetable today and you’re gonna be my lecturer for the following term.


Awesome…5 stars


Fantastic work, the technical quality is brilliant, but I have to agree with another post that it doesn’t really look like Jim Carey, the expression looks a little odd and uncomfortable compared to the sheer extacic insanity of some of Careys faces :stuck_out_tongue: but otherwise brilliant!


outstanding wrk


Fantastic art wrk! lovely expression.


I just love this:)


This is amazing! The only crit I have is the lighting. Shouldn’t it be warmer and brighter for a funny, eccentric man like Jim Carrey? It kind of casts him in a creepy light, but other than that I love it.


That is great idea too man. :smiley:
Well, if u read about the story. He actually inside a studio…with studio lighting.
Anyway…Thanks for the concern.:buttrock:


hey bro, know you get the award very long time ago but didn’t come drop you a msg. Here i come for a support, keep it on man !


wow, long time no see bro.:stuck_out_tongue:
Haha…everyone got their own time on working, busying…etc.
Thanks for the support~ We shld have a “yamcha”, I belanja~:buttrock:


Just hilarious. Nice job.


That is something! great work! Like a glove…


Haaa ha ha great!


Like a glove!!


Great work! Can you post your geometry typology? Thanks!


love it:wip:
Good luck


Great work. Top draw.


Love the caricaturization of a rather exaggerated man already! Perfect!


Class!!! Love the teeth!