Art Ventura , Cheong Hoe Yi (3D)


Great caricature !:arteest: Ace, now Art, Ventura sure brings back memories.


I still love the films and Ace was such a cartoonist human. What you have done is emphasized that style and made it a little more. Great details too. The monkey looks fantastic.


Mindblowing details. Classic character :thumbsup:


Simply awesome. looks great.


very good work :thumbsup:


amazing! just great work.
love it!


You made an exceptional piece!
It’s technically brilliant!
Good luck at the challenge!! :bounce:


hi Hoe Yi, the final image is really nice. very detail texturing and shader.


It’s so great that the technicall brilliance of this image has been rewarded with an award!
You deserve it!! Congratulations!! :applause:


OMG :bounce: I really can’t believe it !! Thanks Zeoyn, congrtaz to you too.
Big thanks to cgtalk and Paul Hellard that he info me via email. :love:

Thanks everyone reminded me for the gum’s shader. I fixed it but I can’t edit it on the 1st page. So here…:scream:


Awesome!, haha looks so funny and very cool, the detail is excelent


That’s awesome!~ Keep it up, my friend!:applause:
Also kudos to your Making/WIP thread, like your works dude!


hehe, i’ve already told how much i like your work
so there’s nothing more i can say except CONGRATULATIONS !!! :):):slight_smile:

5* and good luck with the challenge my friend!


I knew it!! Haha!

Congratulations!!! Hopefully one day I can archive what you have today!!!


Thanks all the guys leaving msgs and greeting here.:beer:

jamien6886 - Yo Jamien, glad that u like my making for it…:lightbulb

NJA3d - Wow Vajan mate, I really feel honor get yours comment here and there too.XD

artcreator - That’s great man~! Let keep it up together, wish my passion keeping on~!


[left]Cool:thumbsup: Grotesk!


Hey man!! Congratulations on your CGAward! Great likeness and good luck on the challenge. :applause::applause::applause:


Great job indeed !

I really love him ^^ Really funny, and great caricature :thumbsup:


Funny picture, I like it. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Lol great work, I love the modeling choice perfect way to depict Jim Carrey in that movie.