Art Ventura , Cheong Hoe Yi (3D)


Awesome…5 stars


Fantastic work, the technical quality is brilliant, but I have to agree with another post that it doesn’t really look like Jim Carey, the expression looks a little odd and uncomfortable compared to the sheer extacic insanity of some of Careys faces :stuck_out_tongue: but otherwise brilliant!


outstanding wrk


Fantastic art wrk! lovely expression.


I just love this:)


This is amazing! The only crit I have is the lighting. Shouldn’t it be warmer and brighter for a funny, eccentric man like Jim Carrey? It kind of casts him in a creepy light, but other than that I love it.


That is great idea too man. :smiley:
Well, if u read about the story. He actually inside a studio…with studio lighting.
Anyway…Thanks for the concern.:buttrock:


hey bro, know you get the award very long time ago but didn’t come drop you a msg. Here i come for a support, keep it on man !


wow, long time no see bro.:stuck_out_tongue:
Haha…everyone got their own time on working, busying…etc.
Thanks for the support~ We shld have a “yamcha”, I belanja~:buttrock:


Just hilarious. Nice job.


That is something! great work! Like a glove…


Haaa ha ha great!


Like a glove!!


Great work! Can you post your geometry typology? Thanks!


love it:wip:
Good luck


Great work. Top draw.


Love the caricaturization of a rather exaggerated man already! Perfect!


Class!!! Love the teeth!


Amazing caricature. Your lightning, texturing, hair is just spot on !!! MALAYSIA BOLEH :wink: :beer:


fantastic work :cool: