Art Ventura , Cheong Hoe Yi (3D)


Title: Art Ventura
Name: Cheong Hoe Yi
Country: Malaysia
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

This was my entry for the CGSociety “Secret Agent” Challenge. Wish he make your day. Enjoy!

Fireantz Studios is having a composition crisis. And who else better to call than ART Ventura the CG Detective. Art Ventura is a carricature of Ace Ventura and has solved numerous mysterious CG cases. And now before you he and his pet monkey poses a smile in order to complete the mission.

Mission Complete Agent Ventura, you may return to your canvas now…
Art Ventura’s tag: To draw and create…Your arts.

Special thanks,
Wye Ee, AshleyWong, friends, cgtalkers, me…and Jim Carrey.

Some close up.

Making? Yes, of course. Here


Hahahaha! Awesome! :bowdown:


Woohoo! Ace Ventura, Pet Detective!
That guy is so awsome! :bounce:

Looks nice man, I like the syle you’ve used! :thumbsup:


Hipercaricature! Love Ace ventura and youve achived the perfect mood with this character.


:smiley: Awesome idea!
Although his right eye is a bit scarry…


Great stuff!

He doesnt look quite like jim carrey though. He kind of looks like a mix between Jim Carrey and Bruce campbell.

Really nicely done though - especially the details and the hair on the monkey. Great rendering and materials.


outstanding , 5 stars work


awesome job man!
one of the best images from the challenge !
Best of luck !


amazing work jest

good luck 4 ever :thumbsup:

5***** from me & i vote 4 u :bounce:


Hah cute :thumbsup:

  • Ty


Hahahah perfect :smiley:


Very well done. Nice stylization. Jim Carrey is one of my favs.


Yeah, Jim Carrey is my hero! :slight_smile:

You did a really great job on jim! Ace Ventura was and still is his best character ever. And Ace was a walking caricature so essentially you’ve done a caricature of a caricature. :slight_smile:


Hahaha! Amazing piece of art and funny too! Sorry, I didn’t notice you were taking the challenge. Could give you moral support along the way. Good luck man.


that is fantastic, congratulations:)


top notch work man!


That´s so cool…very, very good job!!!


WOW, amazing lighting & shading!


Nice one, made me laugh


I had to laugh up one`s sleeve :smiley: 5 Stars.