Art of Rigging Volume 2


Hello, I want to learn some mechanical rigging and I stumbled upon Art of Rigging Vol. 2 but sadly I can’t find it anywhere. After Cg toolkit has been closed I can only find time with really high prices and with no delivery to Europe. I just can’t find any ebook despite the fact that from what i have read it was avaiable on their site a few years ago. Can anyone help me with my search and point me to a place where I can download/buy this rare gem in a digital version? I can’t find much more good mechanical rigging sources(except a workshop that is sadly too expensive for me at the moment).


Thank for very much for that link <3. Sadly baidu doesn’t want me to download from them, I can’t even register there because they don’t allow mobile numbers from my country and they have blocked methods to download without registering as far as I know :(. I see that scene files that are in your folder are from vol.1 but the book is vol.2. Could you please upload only book pdf to something like wetransfer?


i upload the pdf to mega , you can download without register!dIQm3KwR!IJG6kj9nIa-gJYUmQoCeEp6wz2us7ep9-lBjQYYtMBk


Thank you very much, you are a lifesaver!


yeah, thanks a lot