Art/concept trends anyone?


Well, simple post to talk about what seems to be happening quite often (but still not THAT often!) .

I was wondering if i was the only one to have noticed it, and i know probably not but still, i think a little talk about it could be interesting. :wink:

Did you ever noticed a ‘‘trend’’ in the new pieces of art you see on different online galleries? By that i mean people not participating in any kind of challenge or themed contest but all having very similars concept or even details/description being posted within a said amount of time, let’s say 2 weeks? (Okay, am i making sense there? :shrug: )

Lately, i have noticed the ‘‘mask’’ trend, with the ‘‘hiding our true self behind a mask’’ concept. In different online galleries, i recently saw various artwork posted with this theme and it made me remember another time that i noticed a similar occuring several months ago (this time it was about mermaids).

Obviously, those artists did not all talk to each other and told themselves ‘’ Yeah! Let’s all do something with this and that!’’ and they did not intend to do something similar to someone else. Which brings us back to the point where we are saying that every idea has already been done at least once and that the same idea can pop in the mind of someone else right at the same time. Or is it simply the same source of inspiration that led them to it?

So, what’s your thoughts about it? I’m curious to know. :slight_smile:

Also, i want to add that i have nothing against those artists (during the ‘‘mermaid trend’’ i was also working on a mermaid piece which i left behind after seeing it happening; i wanted to wait a little before finishing it and posting it without a bunch of other mermaids around…) and their work and the said pieces i am talking about are very, very well executed and well done. I am not accusing anyone of stealing the concept of the other: each are done differently but still have some very similars elements. :slight_smile:

(p.s.: Sorry about the bad or weird english in some places.)


That’s an interesting observation. I’m happily parttaking in the mask “frenzy” but I wasn’t aware it was being done actually. In my case it seemed to fit right in since the true face of the unknown is best masked to be recognisable. If I were death, and in some weird way in my piece it’s a part of me but not me, I’d rather present a symbol instead of have the word death shining out of my visible face. It would defy the purpose of trying to approach and communicate. Could you point out some links to the mask pieces you’ve seen? I’ve seen about three here at cgtalk but that’s about it.


I’ve noticed too. I know what you mean about the mask Idea, I saw a couple of amazing pieces by Linda Berkgvist where her characters were wearing masks and since then I’ve noticed lots more art in the sort of Masked ball idea. Guess these are just such good ideas at the time artists can’t resist doing pieces in these styles. I must say that I have been tempted to do a piece in the masked style :smiley:

I’ve noticed a few other trends too like the ipod trend.


You mean trends like the “hot chick” trend? Or the “swordfighter” trend? Or the “big guns” trend?


Rebuilder: haha no :slight_smile: I do not consider those real trends, they are very common, i meant something more unusual and less related to any specific type of art (fantasy, sci-fi etc.) Also the way we may see a certain amount with the same subject and similar concept pop out on various galleries in a said amount of time (usually about 1-2 weeks). :wink: Though i think maybe those can still be trends considering the fact that sometimes we see a lot of it at the same time.

Enialadam: I guess you are right about that, that everyone gets their inspiration almost at the same place so similars idea pops into their mind. :slight_smile:

Jan-Mark: I’ll try and find the links to some of the pieces i noticed, unfortunatly i don’t think i’ll be able to find them all again but still, just to show that it is not focused in only one place… Similar concepts, and dates not too far away from each other. :wink: (though it is only the posting date, they may have been working on it for much longer than that…)

Those are the first ones i remember, if i find back some others, i’ll post the links too. :wink:


its amazin yes,theres a picture of a two headed turtouse in the cg challenge gallery,and in the new m&s challenge,there have been two ideas,complety the same idea,and the artists where un aware of the one in the cg challenge gallery.

the hardest thing about being an artist is knowing nothing can really be orignal anymore,if u know what i mean.


I’ve noticed that, particularly with the piece I’m currently working on (see WIP thread). At the same time I had been researching ballet dancers and body positioning, a few pieces cropped up in these threads involving ballerinas.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s the changing cycles of the year. Obviously when spring hit, there were a number of pieces involving that “spring feeling” because people were in the mood for it after a cold winter, but as far as specific theme’s I have noticed that happen quite a few times.



This is something that I have been thinking about a few times and I discussed this with another artist, a few years ago. I think that we draw a lot of our inspiration and ideas from some collective mind/place/consciousness whatever you want to call it. Haven’t you noticed how you soemtimes get an idea and you don’t follow up on it and later on you see someone else doing exactly (well more or less) the same as you had been thinking.

It’s a little as if ideas are generated somewhere and we pick them up if and when we listen…

These are just a few of my toughts on the subject.


I absolutly understand what you mean and agree with it too. It happened to me quite some times and i must admit that sometime it may be a litle frustrating because you think that you came up with something a little original or ‘‘unique’’ and well… you then see that you didn’t! ha! Youare totally right about this, NOOB!, ‘the hardest thing about being an artist is knowing nothing can really be orignal anymore.’’ 'But still, don’t we say ‘‘great minds think alike’’? (or something like that… i do not remember the exact words.)

So yes, it is probably inspired by various things happening around the people using the similar concepts, something they each looked at etc… Something that touched them and their creative spirit.

But what one may do might inspire some others to do the same, like being the first, the one that actually STARTS the trend. And as Elaeria said, it has probably a little to do with the time of the year. Each time when a new season is approaching, we can see some pictures dedicated to those seasons being posted here and there, or a photography or even song (because this can also happen in other form of art). (By the way Elaeria, did you work again on your ballerina pic? Speaking of it… :))


Erg…the painting…yeah…I’ve been working on it nightly but had to step away from it finally last night. I think I needed a breather from it so I could go back to it with a fresh view.
I spent the last night listening to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack (which is so inspiring!!) and reading a book of Essays on Gothic Style Literature while my two little bunnies hopped all over me on the couch. (They are such amazing little creatures! I needed the laugh :))

I’ve been sketching a lot of ideas for the Music Box but seem to have hit some sort of a wall unfortunately…it has to do with the male toy in the picture…I’ll come around I’m sure :slight_smile:
I think a break is what I needed, so I will probably burst back into it in the next couple days.
Thanks for asking Lilie! Your feedback has helped me so much! (Sorry for hijacking your thread a bit here…hee hee!)

I have to say that seeing some of the paintings here have given me an idea or two. I’ve found myself trying to further my technical skills by painting another element of someone’s story (not infringing on copywrite of course!). I think we all certainly feed off of eachothers ideas in one way or another. We keep eachother’s creative juices flowing! Ha ha!



I 'd hate to disappoint you, but the behavioral pattern behind it is often very predictable. I have been intrigued by this a while back, and started observing the resulting behavior. It isn’t as complex as you think. I’m not saying that there isn’t some universla consciousness place, but I am saying that most of what’s pointed out is not the result of that. It’s a socilogical phenomenon, I have been predicting a lot f things in it for years now. It can be calculated, it’s behavorial in a lot of cases, linked to changes in the environment and new thnigs that pop up in science and philosophy. The greater mystery is something totally different imho.

btw, thanks for the links.


I’m sure I can be ridiculed for saying this (like, people actually read my posts, anyways ), but I have to agree with madart’s theory.

It has always been my thought on the subject since I was a preteen. And when my teen years came and I was doing tat designs, I began to see an explosion in “tribal” art, a unique concept in which I had believed I was the only creater of. Then this “grunge” concept. Again, a technique that I believed I was the only person doing, until I began to see an explosion of the stuff when I first got online back in 97. Now, I have to change the way I do my technique, but it is so hard when I think I have something new and find out it isn’t.

Before getting online years ago, I can push this off as a collective consciousness. But nowadays, I have the internet to blame and possibly my sub-conscious.

Here I sit, grazing the pages of galleries, forums, personal websites, fan websites, what-have-ya. You can not say that I have not been influenced in some way by this. And that scares me, and should scare you as an artist.

Why do you believe the greats are that… “great”? I’m no Picasso fan, I can tell you that much, but he was a great and I see that. Because… like all the greats before him, they were unique. Yes, if you want to get into the “color theories” and all that jazz, then go ahead. But, most of the folks didn’t have this mass communication like we have now. No phones, planes, etc etc. If they did, they were either a bit “crazy” in the head, or they isolated themselves. Don’t believe me, study it up yourself. You’ll be surprised. And it was because of this restraint that offered them the oppurtunity to come up with unique techniques. But, if you look at the Renaissance painters that knew each, compare their works and you will notice quite a resemblance.

And what about the “pyramids”? These were, to me, art pieces of architecture, but how is it that this concept was built in Egypt, Mexico, China, Greece, Spain, Iraq, Peru, Europe, the Americas… most being constructed during or around the same time period? Now, many have their theories, but what are the chances of these civilizations getting together between 3000BC and 1400AD? Today, we get together within .0014 of a second.

There is a thread here that asks the question of what talent have you copied. Many people replied and named some great artists. It is said that it is great practice. I agree. But, isn’t the great practice trying to copy your surroundings than another art piece? I’m not shunning these people in any way, but should another artwork influence our emotion and time and not our own techniques? Some may “alter” a technique and call it their own, but to me that’s like me changing the title A Tale of Two Cities into A Narrative of Neigboring Societies. Different words, but same font and concept mirroring same characters. (Please, don’t take this as a slap, folks, if you happen to do this. I’m just pointing out things that I see, not necessarily here, but EVERYWHERE).

Now, I grope my head for something different since I see myself “copying” someone else’s technique. Hell, sometime’s I feel it would be hopeless if I happend to share the same emotion with another artist. Emotion is what draws my piece. But, for now, I’m pissed. And guess what? There’s another pissed-off artist out there, and another, and another… and I have a feeling we are all going to come up with the same concept with the same technique.


So I will offer a little antidote :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps there are no trends or, rather, perhaps we create the idea of a trend in our minds.

Perhaps those same pictures are being made all the time but our own shifting interests cause us to become more aware of certain ones and give us a false impression that suddenly there are more pictures of a certain sort. In your own example, because you were doing a picture of a mermaid it may have made you more conscious of other mermaid pictures, even though the amount of mermaid pictures made has always been constant over time.

Perception is a very selective thing. Given that we are bombarded by information it has to be. This is so not just on a social level, but also on a physiological level as our physical bodies receive, filter and process data in the form of photons, sound waves, chemicals and more.


I clearly seeing the first tribal tattoos around '93(on front page covers). I remember clearly because I had been losing my attention for school then and soon after I dropped out, a lot of things made a clear impression on me back then. But then again, you know you best:shrug:.


Me too. But, I was designing them when I was 15 for death metal band members back in '89-90, never have seen a “mainstream” tribal tat. I got the idea because I kept seeing those oriental designs and thought it would be cool to give it a sharp, scythe look. I designed mine and had it on the back of my neck back in late 93. Suddenly… like you had said… front cover material. :sad:

The “grunge” look of art I hadn’t realized was being done until around 97-98 when I got online. And I really hadn’t seen, or known, Dave Mckean’s artwork before that time to get an influence in that type of artwork. I was more influenced by Giger, Michelangelo, and Jean Delville.


That’s interesting. Now I’d still go for sociological aspects being at play here. I’m not trying to offend you, rest assured. I know I can be a little deadcold at times. But I see you saying it would look cool. Realising that all humans have the same circuitry a lot of other people would have reached the same conclusion, mass media are very young. It’s easy to overlook their influence, which comes from small news clips to commercials to documentaries and so on.
Such a wave effect would be very normal to such a medium. Taking into account that their used to be hardly any correllations between cultures in the past(archeologically). And suddenly now these things happen. But it’s normal to let it creep up on you, especially since there would’ve been hardly any adults aware of the implications of these media other than seeing advertisements for detergents.

What I think happens na group consciousness might have something to do with art in the end, but the artist would have to be aware of it and choose to do something with it. If you’re not aware that you’re being influenced it’ll become more noise in your mind. Just like the rustle of the leaves untill you notice that it’s awefully quite or loud today. As a figure of speech of-course.
My 2 cents, can’t really be sure though.


My observation is a little less in-depth and philosophical. I’ve just noticed that when the latest Gnonom DVD comes out we tend to see a rash of look-alike concepts. A while back it was ‘Feng-style’ dramatic 1 point perspective concepts of future-cities being absolutely posted everywhere. Sometimes it so obvious that the poster has just finished watching one of these DVD’s and have virtually copied the image in a lesson rather than gleaning from it techniques and short-cuts that can be applied to one’s own style…

All that being said influence is inevitable however. I’ve realised later or during piece (which invariably leads me to abandon it or consciously rework it) that I’ve been influenced at some subconscious level by something I’ve seen, even if it was a quite a while ago. Memory is a great but inprecise repository - and given nothing is ever truly original and none of us live in a vacuum, it comes down to how you use that repository…



All praise the unimind! Whether its a sociological or spiritual, I like to think we’re all networked somehow. And if that means there’s no such thing as a truly new idea, I still enjoy seeing new visions of old ones.


i think you got it right
might have nothing to do with art, but i always remember riding in a car with friends or something and somebody picks a type of car and we spend the rest of the ride pointing out everyone of those type of cars we see (stupid i know…but hey :D)
…but what i’m trying to say is you NEVER really saw those cars til you had your mind on it…then there’s about a million of them everywhere you look :eek:

that’s just a silly little example but i think that type of thing happens alot with out us really knowing, like seeing the same masked art

:goes back to sleep:


I would take it further and mention the famous 36 Basic Plots. :stuck_out_tongue: