Art Class, Robert Craig (3D)


Title: Art Class
Name: Robert Craig
Country: Belgium
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop

This render is the result of some lighting experiments I’ve been doing recently… I’m looking at differing approaches and combining my favorite techniques from previous work I’ve done. The idea was to find a ‘best of both’ technique that put together elements of physically accurate lighting without giving up the artistic control associated with traditional scene lighting techniques… For the scene itself, I wanted something with a lot of life, colour and warmth… it was build pretty quickly and I reused a few models from my previous scenes to speed things up a bit… altogether this project took two full weekend takes plus a few evening hours to complete… hope you like it!



this is amazing!
love all the different colors, makes me feel like a kid again!!

so so beautiful
could you possibly tell me abit more about any post work you did?
such as layers


Awesome! That’s some great lighting.


Wow! Very good job with lighting.


:slight_smile: wow can i kwn which mr lightz u hw used?


Hi guys! Thanks for nice comments :slight_smile:

If you are interested, I wrote a tutorial on the making of this image which explains more about the lighting methods…

hope you find it useful,



:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: thnkx alot dude


do u hv fb link?


Nice! Its like Pixar style! I like it! And 10x for tutorial!


When i use physical sun n sky i dnt get effect of bounce light i hv used in my scene why is that so can anyone help me??? :sad:


What a Beautiful and colorful lighting Craig!
Lovely image, definitely one of my favorites in this style.

And thanks for sharing the making of mate, it’s always an useful and appreciable effort.

Amazing work! 5*