Despite it’s simplicity, This is one of my favorites. It’s so clean and reserved. You did a great job of capturing the setting, I kind of feel like I’m there. Great work.


Excellently simple :thumbsup:


your use of colour and light is very skillful, are you a fan of Craig Mullins by any chance?


i see a ton of photos(including mine) which were submitted prior t othe deadline yet i dont see them under the ‘view all entries’ tab. Yet i see many duplicates in the ‘view all entries tab’.

what’s going on?

are we going to be receiving emails telling us what’s going on?


Thanks :slight_smile: I wonder if the colors are ok, because they appear to be much worse in my browser. Yes, I am. I think he is a real master!


This one is probly the most futuristic design Ive seen here, good luck to us all


I like this ! :slight_smile:


uuuuuuu…yes ¡ Great concept design. GREAT.


excellent work , love how a single line define the whole profile of the vehicle, both simple and complex and the same time, I would like to model it in 3D some day to study it, if you dont mind :slight_smile:




Clean Simple lines and and very Elegant! :thumbsup:


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