Arrival to the Grandique Museum of Art


I’m new to your work and I must say good stuff Danny this is awesome!
I guess your a scott robertson alumini>?


Yeah man, your work is going to paid jeje. Good luck


very strong , good work … your design are one of the best.:buttrock::thumbsup:


Quite nice! I like the style. This is another favorite.
I‘m seeing a Mead/Duchamp thing going on there.


LOL.why did this guy post this in your thread, danny?


uuuummm wtf?


probably because he was unable to start a new thread here because you need to wait like a week for an ‘account activation’


VERY nice. Great colors and composition and really fits the theme of the competition.


Very nice Design, Danny! Good luck :beer:


Thanks again guys! No problem MGELA.


Very skillful and great, all my respect !


I am stunned! how could they miss this entry?! :curious:


MaryamNademi I couldn’t agree more. Congratulations to the winners and all that but I do find some of the winners a bit surprising. This is still one of my favourites though and all in all it was a very interesting competition.


eddkeefe: Why are the winners surprising in your opinion ?


davek1979, I’m not saying that the winning works aren’t good, indeed they are all better than anything I entered but I don’t see ‘NASTRA015’ as one of the strongest entrants, design or rendering wise, and while I do like ‘Black Cucumber’ as I commented before the closing date, this is a great piece of design and rendering but I don’t see the Syd Mead influences in either of these. Having said that ‘Arrival’ is a truly original design and ‘TS 2850’ is a breathtaking image that does fulfil, in my opinion, the brief of the competition.


I fully understand your opinion and agree 157% mate. Most of the winning entries really deserve to win - a completely different “random futuristic vehicle design” competition. Not a Syd Mead competition. Truly the “black cucumber” is awesome, but Syd Mead is just not there, not in color, not in technique and overall look, so it’s a big mystery to me how it got 4th place, while entries like “Regatta Stelare” or “Maglev Mobil” got forgotten.
But re-considering my previous sentence - the entries have one “Syddy” thing in common - hollow wheels.


This was my favourite image of all the entries, love everything on it, the classical composition , the elegant characters, the monumental sense of scale and the design of the museum and the color palette. I was surprized that it not was in the top 10. Keep going with this amazing pieces of art!




I am in shock. “Winner” or not, this is impressive work that will delight and inspire for a very long time. The best win is to be proud of outstanding work! Congratulations on achieving excellence!


there’s fantastic, and than there’s too fantastic. This is going over the edge.
The stair case of that ship doesn’t look retractable. The buildings architecture is not buckling into itself. Usually the mountainside isn’t much of a structure in comparison to the building itself. I like the dark pattern on the building the most, it adds a curious look to it.


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