Arrival to the Grandique Museum of Art


The classic “Syd Mead arrival scene” to a formal party with guests approaching an epic museum bestowing the most superb works of art in all the universe. [Painted in Photoshop CS4.]


Very Syd Mead-ish. Nice!


beautiful! PLUS you completely nailed the style! great work!!!


That is real Mr. Mead’s style. Love it. Good luck:applause:


Very cool. Very Syd Mead style, but also some DG twist. I’m a fan of yours too, I was hoping you weren’t gonna enter this :P.



Thanks Guys!


seriously wow. Absolutely stunning, and I wish I knew how to make CS4 do what you’ve made it do!




Thats just pure aweinspiringness. Up there with Syd and Ralph Mcquarrie.




Wow! Thanks guys!


I really like this one. I think you nailed the look and feel.


My favorite! its definitely “bulls eye” on Syd’s style. So far the best…


Fantastic structures! really pleasant to watch!


Ooooooooooooooooooo, that’s soooooooo good. Good luck.


absolutely spectacular! … this has to be in the top three!

good luck mate! :thumbsup:


Very good, but perhaps you add a deep blue instead of black in the fore ground. That would make the whole scene even more “happy”.

Good luck,


Really good , style and design are spot on …



Yep, nailed it! Fantastic job!


Beautiful image. You have definitely captured the “arrival” theme! Congratulations and good luck!


Thanks again guys! i appreciate it