Arrests in piracy crackdown raids


If you can afford a computer, you should be able to score a copy of GIMP and Blender, which should realistically take care of your graphical needs.

If you were to make something cool in your pirated Maya, it wouldn’t be fair for that to be used elsewhere without your permission… thus the “equality” of human rights should apply to the equal right not to have your work used without permission.



human right to own software even by taking it without paying? hey nice ill argue that next time to go to buy another program.

“But its my right as a HUMAN BEING to use this program! I DEMAND i recieve it for free! Let me see the manager, this is rediculous!”

heh, yeah right. and while ur at it, its every humans right to buy weapons from a drug lord, raid a grocery store, and keep all the food for yourself because youa re HUNGRY.


Sure you can say what you think. I suspect you’ll get a ton of bashing from people who would think 160$ a DAY is a misery, and ,speaking from countries who argue to be “free speech countries”, will ask you to be banned from this forum :wink:

After those bashing, you’ll have one consolation, I’m sure : guess at the end who will win ?


BTW, in the case of this thread, it’s about anti-piracy in UK … but someone as noticed how overpriced things are in UK…


Its all consumerism’s fault…all these cool things out there and only so much in my pay packet…i buy stuff and i download the odd mp3 or App…as far as my 3D software go’s i’m learning on a mates copy…but work will buy me a copy when i’m up to speed…am i a pirate…i don’t think so. These compan’y take the p1ss with there licencing agrements.

PS…music CD are just slightly too expensive if they were 7.99 they’d sell loads more…derrrrrrr


so what do you do when a whole country is pirating? i just watched 60 minutes tonight and they talked about the country of China. A full 20% of goods made is pirated. That’s billions of dollars worth of pirated goods sold and traded with the governments’ full knowledge of the fact. It takes 10 days to copy a new line of sports shoes, no tellling how soon a single piece of software could be pirated and sold, benefiting not just criminals and thieves, but whole generation of families that depend on this trade, however illegal. This is a problem that one nation or several, will be able to solve. It is a mankind problem that has been festering since the beginning of time. Technology has only made it simplier and easier to accomplish it.


Sure you can say what you think.

No you can’t, when you join you agree to certain rules. Or did you miss that part? Daimyo must have.


Its good to see them cracking down on this stuff, it especially cheeses me off when ppl are making money from this kinda action - take them down first - most definitely.

The only rant I’ve got with this whole thing is that well, because big boys sit at the top, they control how things work, so we get told (and now in the cinema in big letters) Piracy is bad, it funds terrorism! What a malarky - they’ll use any fear factor to stop themselves losing money - These guys are huge profit makers and their market rates are always in the news. Yet, the average Joe has no right to say hey why I am I paying £29.99 to £39.99 for a game (which costs less to make than the average blockbuster) when I’m only paying £15.99 - £20 for my favourite box dvd film? If this was the seventies crimes like that would also be dealt with - through public anger and action! Not today, we all sit around, as long as we are happy and safe in our own home, we don’t care about anyone else - It’s a fact - What have you done to help someone out of a sticky position recently? That’s the reality of our times, we are self consumed - We no longer need such high levels of interaction. Just something I often think about - No serious attitude - just a point.:slight_smile:


Because games don’t usually make $24,400,000 in their first 2 days unlike films such as “Collateral” or sell $124,300,000 in 3 weeks (“Bourne Supremecy”).

DVD Sells will make equivalent, additional profits for a Movie. With a larger market they can sell each one for less.


You also have to consider the amount of entertainment you get with a game vs a dvd. A movie will entertain you for 90-120 minutes and maybe add another 30 if there are extras that you’ll actually like. While a game is meant to have hours of entertainment.


Not always true lately, aside from the speed at which the profits comes in…:

“Indeed, by the late 1990s, games such as Nintendo’s GoldenEye or Legend of Zelda had generated domestic gross revenues of more than $200 million, even though the cost of production and development had been no more than $6 million for each game. Such revenue to cost ratios are far more impressive than, say, in movies, where the production cost for most projects able to generate in excess of $200 million in revenues would be typically several times higher.”

As an aside, I wonder if its a good idea to have threads/topics on this forum in which people cannot express their opinions truthfully, or speak freely.


While I stand again by the fact that priceay is wrong and criminal, I prefer to live in a sociaty were some marginal level of information sharing is possible if in this way freedom of access to information and culture is GARANTEED, indepandant of any big gov. or company; as compareed to living in a sociaty that is totally controled and were access to informaiton technology is limited and access constrained.

I mean, take it form an american standpoint. Could you imagine if all music and entertaiment was bloacked form all forms of priacy? That would culminate in more then 80% of the world NOT knowning pymgies about american culture. Why would this be a bad thing? Why do we want the guy in Shirlanka, the bus driver form Kenya, or the shoe shiner in Equador to ever listen to Britney Spears? For better or for worse, because that music shows american culture, it shows the values and worldviews of nation. In this way it provides for a kind of way of relating to americans, it provides a playing field of equal understanding, and quite frankly how can you be an emeny to someone if your listening to their music… and liking it?
And this works the other way around to. We SHOULD listen to Chinese punk jazz, or Jamancain Classic Regge, or Japnesse Dark Metal Christan Muisc, … because weather or not if we like, it will teach us more about their respective cultures, and possibley makes us less likely to hate them.

As this applies to 3D software, well its not such a clear cut case, after all, the bottom line is that CGI is a buisness and it is hard to use humanitarian laws to such an endeavor. I mean If you are into CGI, you eventually WILL be making lots of money of it, so it is rather difficult for you to ever really justify blatant theft. Still, I would have a world were people can have access to this information, if for no other reason that it is GOOD for people to be exposed to techology, I mean who knows if some kid form Catmando is some savant and being exposed to Maya Mel Scripts is inspired and using some information tech. solves world hunger? You want poor people to see that there IS a world outside of their poverty, and they are not all to excluded form it. They should at the very MINIMUM have the opportunity to try and make it in the CG industry.

Still,… its not like the olds days of impossibly expensive apps. Companys have learned that it is a GOOD thing for people to want to learn the software. Personnally I think Softimages Educational version is VERY fair, and like was posted earlier if you can AFFORD a computer fast engouh to do CG, then by god you can afford Blender (and let me tell you, just as high quality work can be made with blender as anyother app,…it just TAKES MORE TIME, and if this is for a demo real IT SHOULDNT BE A PROBLEM) and the such, not to mention if you save a little more you could buy lightWave (which i dont like, but is a PRO app capable of anything you want ). Get a few freelance jobs and move on up to MAX or MAYA.

Since most of the people who pirate are kids I’d tell them,… come on guys piracey is an EXTREME over the top measure, much like a political coup-de-ta is a “little” extreme way of lowering the drinking age. Dont use priacy as a cruth. Stand on your own two feet and you’ll be surprised how far you go in life.

Sorrry for the long post guys, but by now you should know, I always make long post.


First, where are you getting your information? I’d like to check it out. Secondly, are saying that this is normal ? Movies do not make more money than games ?

Link to movie box office info:


If your sole method of making a living the rest of your life was in a digital medium, would anyone be interested how your work is being released?

Now if you become successful and need to bring more people on to help your business run.
Isn’t there a concern that some needed revenue may be lost to run your or grow your business if people are getting your works without paying? There may be a point of acceptable loss for long term gains in mindshare through related revenue, but currently there is virtually no way to control it. You would be at the mercy of chance day to day, week to week and so on.

Unfortunately as companies grow they become more inefficient and expensive to run. This requires a vigilant eye to protecting revenue streams. For every successful movie, game, or CD there are countless failures.



Ya, i’ll dig up the link.
But, no, from what I remember it was not for all games, only successful ones. But it’s happening more frequently, which is pretty cool for the industry. :thumbsup:

Edit: Ok, here is the link:


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