Arrests in piracy crackdown raids



[i] A total of 57 people have been arrested in a weekend operation targeting music, film and computer game piracy.

Anti-fraud investigators swooped on a number of markets and car boot sales in the UK last weekend, netting over half a million pounds worth of DVDs and CDs.

The joint investigation found people selling films such as Troy, Spider-Man 2 and Shrek 2.

Of those arrested, 45 were claiming state benefits and 15 of those were investigated about benefit fraud.

Codenamed Operation Zouk, the raids took place in towns including Exeter, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Halifax, Bradford, and Grimsby.

More raids

They were carried out in a joint operation that also included the British Phonographic Industry (BPI), the Department for Work and Pensions (DwP), the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) and the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society (MCPS).

Further raids are planned over the next few weeks.

David Martin, BPI director of anti-piracy, said: "Music piracy is a massive problem in the UK. The UK record industry invests tens of millions of pounds each year in new artists, which creates £365m for the UK treasury.

“Not only is that investment is under serious threat from piracy, but with about 70% of music pirates claiming benefits as well they’re costing the taxpayer a fortune as well.”

Nick Kounoupias, of the MCPS anti-piracy unit, said: "Counterfeiting costs us all in the long run.

"Around £10bn a year is spent on counterfeit goods and much of it is ploughed back into other criminal activity.

“On top of that the £1.7bn in lost taxes could be spent on education and health care.” [/i]

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seems like all they are doing is arresting the people who had PHYSICAL copies. they are easyer to get tho, the internet pirates are worse.

sadly this thing cant stop until a ton of companys agree to help eachother and develop some plan to stop all the piracy. i wonder how the blank CD industry is gonna feel after this issue is resolved.


The CD in UK are really very expensive.
They are like double the US prices, and more then anywhere
in the Europe.
Same goes with software and games.
I was offered from legal company to upgrade Poser for “only” 200 pounds,
while the one boxed in US costed 150$.
New thing is that they charge now vat even when you download software.
Piracy is not the solution, but this is one of the reasons for sure.


British Phonographic Industry (BPI),

I read that as British pornographic industry, and was like wtf have they got to do with music :smiley: Oh how my reading level amuses me :slight_smile:


its not just music, its movies too.

[i]Anti-fraud investigators swooped on a number of markets and car boot sales in the UK last weekend, netting over half a million pounds worth of DVDs and CDs.

The joint investigation found people selling films such as Troy, Spider-Man 2 and Shrek 2.[/i]
piracy isnt just a threat to music, but to movies, shows, games, software, and even personal stuff.


Plus selling physical copies directs more money mostly to the mafia and such. Remember that internet is “free”.

Since I like metaphores, here’s one.
Consider piracy as water in a lake and way to prevent/stop privacy a dam. (end users could be the river behind the dam, but that’s not important) No matter how big or strong the dam is, it won’t keep the water forever and like dams do, they actually have to leak some water thru to deal with the problem that completely forcing the water flow to stop would eventually brake the dam.

So, if a stronger method is created to protect copyrighted content, it can’t be made perfect because it could severely affect the entire system (and other programs etc.). This is where piracy actually wins each round: The ways to prevent piracy are so high-tech nowadays that the very basis of copy protection is simply forgotten. I just loved the absurd setting of the one audio CD protection scheme where tens of millions of dollars were spent to create the “fake boot sector” to audio CD to prevent copying and when it finally came out, someone just took a permanent marker and painted over the part of the CD thus making the copy protection useless in 3 seconds.

I’m not pro-piracy or anything, but I am a realist. For example Half-Life 2 is coming soon and since I was Steam beta tester, I know that they will have some cutting-edge copy protection stuff all around the whole platform but I still believe that it will be eventually cracked, it will just take time. There’s no politician, PR spokesman or even a developer who can change that fact.


what about SOE (sony online entertainment)? they havent had any piracy problems. (1) they require you to make an account with them (2) you need a CD key to make the account (3) once the CD key is attatched to your account it cannot be used by any other.

i think, even though it would really be a lot of trouble, if valve did this and other games piracy would go down. “Whats the point of registering for a game im only gonna play single player on?” if someone asks this they just dont like the idea that they have to register their copy so they cant give it to their friends. if you dont have the internet use it somewhere else, then register your copy. if they do this, piracy of the CDs will become pointless since you need thier permission to use it.

its illogical and prolly never gonna happen, but if they wanna keep it out of the hands of pirates they need to make some drastic moves. or just put something in the CD to screw over a burned copy.


I never register my software, and I do mainly play single player games. This isn’t because I have pirated software (i don’t) it’s because it’s a waste of time, and I simply don’t like giving my details out to every company I buy a game from.


you can pirate copy sell and not have physical copy if the copy is well encrypted…
i think the industries will hunt pirates with strength until a pirate will demonstrate that the money they lost in hunt is bigger that the money the gain if there was no pirates…


I agree with these raids.

These arent some poor kids trying to see a cool new moive or anime.

These are cold heart caculating criminals that have found that selling priated stuff is better buiness then say selling crack. But if not for the hefty prison time they’d be selling crack to kids in a drop of a hat. Most of this money spent is under the table and only goes to fund illiect activity, criminal orginizations, and at the very very end it WILL also go to help terrorist out. They abuse of every single artist that work on the creation and are making money out of the blood sweet and tears of everyone who worked on their production. These kinds of problems arent just in England. In third world countries this is a REAL problem, espeacilly since the people into this buiness are almost always the lowest form of the crimial sociaty. THese are some really really shady people. I think that more EXTREME efforts should be made to stop this.

I dont mind if some kid downloads a moive I make, but I WILL mind if some joe nobody is trying to make a smooth dollar off my work.

These raids send a clear and good meassage,… sociaty will not accept illicit makeing of money, and in particular making money off of someone ELSES work.

And the people who lower themselfs to support this kind of criminal orginizations are also to blame. I mean come on…If your going to go through the hassle of downloading my moive well buring pygmies to you. But if your ARE buying a moive or CD, then pay the full price to the people who deserve it. Dont pay to some guy who would cut your throat in a drop of a hat if there was engouh of a profiet. We the artist deserve at least that much respect.

Im for the sharing of human culture and knowaldge, I am VERY againts the prolification of criminal orginizations.

Cheers for the Bristh gov. and Media industries for (finally) taking a step in the right direction. These are the bad people who should be locked away and deserve to get busted,… not some unlucky, and not to bright 12yr old who is doing harm to no one.


Let me guess, you’ve never actually heard about VALVe’s Steam Platform (also known as Steam Powered Platform and Steam). Go check it out at

In case of SOE the piracy will happen outside the system because afaik there is no way you’re restricted to do stuff inside the system.


Anti-fraud investigators swooped on a number of markets and car boot sales

They make it sound like it was some great big operation when the reality seems to be that they did nothing more than arrest a few people on street corners. Something the local beat cop could be doing every single day if his superiors really cared that much about the issue.

The fact is that they do not care that much and therefore allow the criminals to flourish, with the exception of some high “news” type of raids.


thx for pointin that out para. thats should help make pirates think for a while.

there are kids here that sell boot-leg copys of everything for lower prices but they just make tons of copys of the same discs. theyw ere finally arrested after a few weeks doing this, but they still claim they did nothing wrong. i havent heard about them since. hopefully they were taken to the firing range as moving targets.


Nailing people selling on the street is like arresting a pusher. It’s not even enough to go after a distributer. You have to go after the manufacturers. This sounds like just a PR to show they are doing something. The manufacturer loses some pushers, no real loss because there is no communications/connection between them and there are plenty of people willing to sell. It’s a short term fix that will relocate and repopulate onto another corner or neighborhood.



Oops. Perhaps I shouldn’t tell these things…

How much is a standard paycheck in a civilized country? You know, where I live, a 200$ monthly payment is like heaven. It is a very good salary. Most people get about 100$.
And a guy with let’s say 160$ on a month wants to learn 3D, and he wants to work in 3D industry. He buys a computer (at least 600$). Then operating system for the machine (about 250$). And then the big stuff. A paint program (wich is about the price of the computer), a really efficient 3D package. So how much this will cost altogether? I do get 160$. It is enough to keep me from starving, but I have to think twice before I buy a pair of shoes.

The other side of the coin: There are freeware applications. Those who can’t afford it, should use those.

Right. But let me tell you about a thing named The Universal Declaration of Human Rights:
“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights”.
Those in third world countries should have the very same chances, like those in some lala country.

And some rumors: Alias droped his skyhight price for Maya to the value we know today, because they realised, that 80 percent who are very good with the package, couldn’t even afford it.

And face it…Because of the piracy, many people got very good in 3d stuff, so a big comunity could develope. And those people in the end bought the product, because they had to.
And the piracy on the internet…Hah! Those who crack software never claimed a dime for their work. I really don’t understand why are they so persecuted.
Those who can’t or don’t want to buy the program/movie/album, they will never buy it. so basically no harm is done.

End of speach.


Daimyo you have a point and there is allot to be said about “Mindshare” and it’s impact on “Marketshare”.In many artists cases it can be an issue of Accesability and Affordabilty.

There’s a big difference between a starting artist and running a lucritive business. At some point when you stop Learning and start Earning is where a developer will draw the line.

On that note I have offered people working contracts in areas such as you mention where salaries are lower only to be rebuffed and told they want a salary closer to one in Los Angeles. For that reason when I read I can’t afford the software but I want to make Bank with no experience on the pirated software I dismiss the excuses.



And the end of your membership here on CGTalk too.


And the end of your membership here on CGTalk too.
That was kind of a sarcastic way to kick him off the forum. LOL but kinda funny. Awww give him another chance

Daimyo if you can read this. Piracy is wrong. There is harm, it does keep prices for software up.

As far as the piracy is concerned, well I know its tough out there in those 3rd world countries. And pirates know it. Thats how they take advantage of you and everyone else. They sell you knock offs, and that is wrong on their part.

Its an evil system we live in. Sorry to hear your in a 3rd world country and things are too expensive for you. There are some nice freeware things out there, and some shareware as well you could take advantage.

Unfortunately its not right to use pirated copies. Hard as it may be. It sucks not to have the same rights as those in other countries. I’m sure your not alone. Some folks do not even have food in those countries. Well I hope you don’t give up on your cg dream and find another way. Whichever way you choose to reach your goal is ultimately your descision. Us in more privledged countries will never truly understand. Your art and dreams vs right and wrong. Tough call. I would say this though. If you can draw or something and scan handdrwan pictures and get 1 paint program, then you could do work over the internet and charge US, Canada, Mexico, etc dollars. Just suggestions to keep you on the straight and narrow. Ebay also has cheaper products


You’ve got to be shiting me. Human rights? Being able to buy software has absolutely nothing to do with human rights.


Piracy is like ripping/taking credit of people/industry hardwork. Its like your work being rip and others are getting the credit for it. Thats how I view it.