Arnold "The Oak" Schwarzenegger


I started this as my entry for HMC #15, but couldn’t finish it on time. I will do the torso(for now). I have to do little bit more work on the head, then i will do the rest, and go to mudbox to do all the little details. All C&C very welcome!

Newest update:


looks great so far, you have his likeness down, so that’s a perfect way to begin. This seems like an interesting project.


Tadmod, thank you very much for the support, it is very much appreciated.

Here is an update with the torso, it needs a liitle bit more refining, more muscle definition but i’m happy with the form. As always C&C are very welcome, cheers :beer:

Instead of boring graycale, i added simple skin shader:


looking great, I have no vrits so far, so you’re doing well!


The likeness on the face is fantastic so far! Keep it up! :smiley:


Tadmod, thanks again for support, it is coming along. :slight_smile:

Harry, thanks, glad you like it:beer:

Little update. Added arms(needs refining) and little definition on the chest and abs:


Newest update: (gotta finish hands)


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