Arnold Schwarzenegger as Bodybuilder


I decided to put pics on the thread, more easy to see!



Here is a small video showing a back contraction. I’m wondering if someone is good with biepd in max 8, because I animated de twist bone and the interpolation is so bad between the key… it jag… it make some twist on some frame… I have to key frame , frame by frame… it make no sens.

[color=Green][Arnold Video Skinning](

Thank’s to watch it! Hope you liked it! Really ore to come with true animation, displacements maps for muscular fibers contractions… :smiley:


nice work looks just like him. ru working from ref images like profile pics? and secondly what did you use for the little details like the veins zbrush or painting displacement maps in photoshop?


Thank you!

I had extra details in Z-Brush


I already told you on tweak: but man i cant wait to see him in action!

Vraiment impressionnant!, j’ai même consulté tes screens pour m’aider avec l’anatomie “body builder”.


That looks excellent! i cant wait to see him in action also


Love to see him do a workout :slight_smile: Looks great btw


Great mesh. Looks exactly like him 20+ years ago.



I love it can’t wait to see him in action.


IT AHNOLD! lol man you got it dead on, i watched pumping iron, conan, and commando all the time as a kid but then again a lot of people have so we know what arnold is supposed to look like and I must say you did a great job, hey you should give him a costume like in conan that would be freakin cool lol


I want that mesh…mine mine mine…great job:buttrock:


wow! really impressive. the measurements are perfect. The shape of his chest (which is very charistic on him) is just like it was in his mr universe days. Just perfect man.


I would love to try and rig that guy for you! :slight_smile:

Amazing work. If your interested let me know.


Well you know how I feel about you animating him. Don’t worry…I’'ll be back…to check this thread out later.


What else can I say… It IS Aaahnold.



There is another update… on the skinning portion this time.

The basic skinning is done… for the rest I will add morpher and skin moprh to correct extra pose. In this test of skinning, I have put to skin morph on the shoulder. More to come with the displacement maps and hair and texture… and everything else… for finishing… animation!!

Hope you like it


great rigging job man im very certain that it took you long to get it right. cant wait to see some more renders.


great to see this amazing model rigged so well, the deformations look awesome, can`t wait to see some animation. :slight_smile:

keep the updates coming.



Awesome. Simply awesome. I am quite impressed with that, especially the rigging.


Dude… those deformations look pretty dam good I must say :). Great job so far!


Thats awesome, the rigging is especially is mind blowing. I am about to rig my WIP and i dont think i can do near as good as that!

Keep going mate! I cant wait to see the final result!