Arnold Schwarzenegger 3D portrait for T4, Petr Chegodaev (3D)


Title: Arnold Schwarzenegger 3D portrait for T4
Name: Petr Chegodaev
Country: Russia
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, ZBrush

This is my version of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 4. When i first saw the film I just thought that could make better digidouble of Arnold. This is the result that I have now. I tried to make Arnold as he appears in T1.
I really would like to read your critic comments.


very nice model and render.
I like his hair


Super! Striking resemblance!


Wow phantastic work!
I have no comparison to the arnold in T4 but yours matches him perfectly!
Great modeling. Also the hair is looking very realistic!

Great work! Keep it up!

Cheers Silverwing


very nice, maybe could use a little more light and saturation, it’s a bit gray right now.


realistic image, good modeling and texture.


Brilliant likeness, you have capture his T1 age perfectly. The hair is stunning, it would be great to see some wires and hair example shots.

Well done! :slight_smile: Not many artists could do this kind of work. Some great technical skill just like your Amy Winehouse character! (not sure what happend to the award for her!) Mods were asleep again I think :wise:


wow,it is super work!
movie qulity,I like his expression. hair is amazing,and I think could be better by adding more shadow of hair on forehead.


Nice to see Arny in his happy days! Like very much the 70s’ hair style and the reflections on the skin. Cool work! :cool:


Fantastic man, yeahhhhhhhhh! 10 stars! Congratulations!:thumbsup:


Good ol Arni!!

Great likeness and very good sculpt.

I like the light setup allot. Makes a very good mood for the render.

Thumb up and all the best. :thumbsup:


Wow , awesome


good started

very good work he is look like the artest but hes need more light

good luck 4 ever :thumbsup:


Thank you all for comments.


great job. highly realistic


Awesomeeeee Dude ! its looking very much like the arnold in T1:applause:


this is incredible…


incredible work!! This definitely deserves an award.


I think the likeness is very good! Especially w/ regards to the lower half of the face and the lips. However, I think you could benefit more w/ a better lighting setup and composition. Not to mention a more menacing appearance. Would definitely be cool to see if you could push this a bit more.

Just my 2 cents…


Great work, beautiful sculpture!:buttrock: