Arnold render


Am a Maya noobie and recently started trying rendering with Arnold. Watched this youtube tutorial today and was trying it out on my model this evening: I tried the “custom” lighting rig he starts explaining around the 22 minute mark, involving the arnold sky dome light, a generic Maya directional light, and then finally a standard shy shader created via the Arnold Renderer/Environment/Background tab and then assigned a ramp shader to it in the attributes panel. (around 25:30 mark of video). The ramp shader in which I used 3 colors was not apparent at all in my arnold interactive render window, certainly not like his in the video.

I’ve attached an arnold render of my model and a screenshot of my viewport. In this example right now I only have “aiSkyDomeLight1” created and none of the other lights. Was wondering why the render has a very “sepia toned” color cast while none of the model’s true textures/colors appear as evidenced by the two attached images.

Probably something really basic I’m not grasping yet. Even when I progressed through the video and added a directional light which did add cast shadows, etc, but again the models colors were not apparent at all in subsequent renders.

Any help or tips is greatly appreciated and many thanks in advance.