Arnold Maya render issue !


Hi! So I´ve been struggling with this issue for a while and come out zero. I have a character that I wanna pose trough rigging and maybe animate. Issue comes when I bind the skin and render, the head disappears. I´ve tried so many things and I don’t know what to do anymore. I´ve tried to:- delete all history- import, then export to a new scene- create a new material-merge the head with another mesh (results in the other material still visible, but the head part gone)- create a different rigThe head has several blend shapes as well, I´ve tried removing them but to no avail. I´m out of ideas, appreciate all help!


The most common cause of that is primary visibility being turned off on the mesh, which makes it invisible in renders. Check the shape node under render stats.

The main culprit of that is wrap deformers, which for some reason turn off primary visibility and a bunch of other things (shadow casting, etc.) by default. If you’re using wrap deformers, you always want to make sure “Render Influence Objects” is turned on in wrap deformer options.