Arnold For Maya


Hi everyone!, I’m testing Arnold but I can’t find the way to render object ID or zdepth. can anyone help me? I love this engine, it’s so powerfull


post this in the maya rendering section


Not to burst your bubble, but you do realise solidangle has it’s own forum for exactly this kind of stuff…


Yes it’s so hard to find aswers outside the official forum, a partner has the beta key but he won’t be here for a couple of weeks so I can’t have access to the forums and I’m testing Arnold, it’s amazing.


It would be sad if SolidAngle don’t make in-depth video tutorials like DNA don’t for 3delight. I’m really looking forward to see Arnold finally come public and see what all the fuss is about. I would have bought the full 3Delight by now if they did and I could use it to it’s full abilities. Their loss. In their forum they virtually ignore noobs. I noticed most of the time if a question isn’t about shader coding or hardcore tech or a possible bug they don’t bother reading the thread. It has a good manual, but no practical examples. Not even Gnomon or Digital Tutors or Eat3d or whatever.


Are you toaking about 3dLight?
Arnold is amazing the speed and quality is excellent, but the poor information is a huge problem


It’s on purpose I suppose. Solid angel doesn’t want its testers to talk about it much outside its own forum. A couple of test shots here and there are pretty much all you’re going to find at the moment.

fxphd has an Arnold class this time. I’m not a big fan of their tutorial, just mentioning.

3Delight is a renderman compliant renderer -

Not to be confused with 3Dlight which is a blog with very useful Vray tips -


Yeah sorry to say that but you should ask on Arnold MtoA forum.

Simply put, you should make custom AOV aka render passes…

Small note btw I think Arnold si targeted to other kind of clients read big production houses
or studios with some sort of R&D background. Its a question when or if anytime Arnold goes public in a “vray like package” in terms of regular end users.

If you want Arnold its definitely possible to get minimum of 5 licenses or more these days. Just write SolidAngle they are very fine and nice people.



Stephen Blair is now working for Solid Angle and is posting regularly here on Arnold. Granted most of the info. is Softimage related but maybe some of it could help? He is really well known and respected in Softimage circles and might be able to do a post on something specific. Great guy, very helpful.



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